89 Shortcuts for TVPaint Animation (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus89 Shortcuts for TVPaint Animation (Windows)
Ctrl+O Hide Other Projects
Ctrl+P Show All Projects
Ctrl+1 Show Timeline Tab
Ctrl+2 Show XSheet Tab
Ctrl+3 Show Project Tab
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp/Ctrl+Shift+PgDn Rotate Workspace
A Shake
B Toggle CutBrush
C Rotate
D Freehand
E Next
F Flood Fill
G Toggle
H Halve Size
I Append Images
J Exachange
L Line
M New Zoom Window
N Invert A/B
O Outline
P Toggle Palette Panel
Q Spline
R Rectangle
S Freehand Dot
T Text
U Last Action/Undo
V Full Screen
W Flip Book
X Flip Horizontally
Y Flip Vertically
Z Resize
Shift+A Interface:Toggle Tools Panel
Shift+B Toggle Background Panel
Shift+C Set
Shift+D Open Preferences Panel
Shift+F Layer:Goto Image
Shift+G Open Grid Panel
Shift+H Double Size
Shift+I Insert Images
Shift+J Copy To
Shift+K Clear
Shift+L Load
Shift+N New
Shift+O Toggle Handler Corner
Shift+P Set
Shift+Q Quit
Shift+S Save
Shift+U Multi Redo
Shift+V Show Full Page
Shift+W Close
Shift+X Double Width
Shift+Y Multi Redo
Shift+Z Totate 90
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+D Magic Number
Ctrl+E Previous
Ctrl+F Slide To
Ctrl+K Configure Keyboard
Ctrl+I Light Table Mode
Ctrl+O Hide Other
Ctrl+P Show All Project
Ctrl+S Select Image from Keys
Ctrl+Y Flip vertically
0 Toggle Layer Panel
1 Scroll Down left
2 Scroll Down
3 Scroll Down Right
4 Scroll Left
5 Center
6 Scroll Right
7 Scroll Up Left
8 Scroll Up
9 Scroll Up Right
Ctrl+NumPad 1 Open Timeline Panel
Ctrl+Numpad 2 Open XSheet Panel
Ctrl+NumPad 3 Open Project Panel
/ Brush Decrese Size 2
* Brush Increase Size 2
- Brush Decrease Size
+ Brush Increase Size
, Pick Layer
; Color Pick
: Brush Reset
</> Zoom Out/Zoom in
F1 Help
F2 ... F7 Drawing Mode: 01 ... 06

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