36 Shortcuts for Trello (Web Application)  [edit]

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minusplus1. General Shortcuts
B Open Boards Menu in Header
C Archive a Card
D Due Date
E Open Quick Edit Mode
J/K Select card below/ above the current card
M Add/Remove Members
N Insert a New Card
Q My Cards Filter
S Subscribe/Unsubscribe
T Edit Title
V Add Vote
W Collpse/Expand boards Menu
X Clear All Active Cards Filter
@ Autocomplete Members
# Autocomplete Labels
? Open Shortcut Page
/ Focus Search Box
Esc Close Menu/Cancel Editing
Ctrl+Enter Save Text(Windows)
Command+Enter Save Text(Mac)
Enter Open Cards
, or . Move card to Bottom of the adjacent left or right list
< or > Move card to Top of the adjacent left or right list
Space Assign Self
Arrow Keys Navigate Cards

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minusplus2. Labels Shortcuts
L Open pop-up for available Labels
1 Toggle Label - Green
2 Toggle Label - Yellow
3 Toggle Label - Orange
4 Toggle Label - Red
5 Toggle Label - Purple
6 Toggle Label - Blue
7 Toggle Label - Sky
8 Toggle Label - Lime
9 Toggle Label - Pink
0 Toggle Label - Black

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