22 Shortcuts for Whatsapp Desktop (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus22 Shortcuts for Whatsapp Desktop (Windows)
Tab Change focus
Shift + Tab Focus emoji button
Ctrl + F Search
Ctrl + N Starts a New chat
Ctrl + Shift + N Starts a new Group
Ctrl + Shift + [ Go to previous chat
Ctrl + Shift + ] Go to next chat
Ctrl + E ArchivE chat
Ctrl + Shift + M Mute chat
Ctrl + Shift + U Change Read status
Ctrl + Del Delete chat
Ctrl + P Open Profile
Ctrl + Backspace Delete a chat
Ctrl + = Increase font size
Ctrl + - Decrease font size
Ctrl + 0 Default font size
Alt+F4 Exit the application
*Text* Use * to bold the Text
_Text_ Use _ to italicize the Text
~Text~ Use ~ to strikethrough the Text
```Text``` Use ``` to format Text into monospaced font
:Text Show emojis related to Text

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