24 Shortcuts for Windows Remote Desktop (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Entering Remote Desktop
Win+r, then type 'mstsc' Microsoft Terminal Services Client.
mstsc /v: Start Remote Desktop and connect to Server, port is optional
mstsc /f Start Remote Desktop in Full Screen Mode
mstsc /admin Runs Remote Desktop in Admin Mode
mstsc /w: /h: Specify either width or height of Window
mstsc /public Run Remote Desktop in Public Mode
mstsc /span Matches Remote Destkop with local virtual desktop
mstsc /multimon Matches Session Layout to Client Layout
mstsc "connection file" Opens Connection Settings of the .rdp file
mstsc /edit "connection file" Opens the .rdp file for editing
mstsc /migrate Migrates older rdp file to new rdp files
mstsc /? List all parameters

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minusplus2. Using Shortcuts in Remote Desktop
Alt+Page Up Switches between programs from left to right (equals standard desktop Alt+Tab)
Alt+Page Down Switches between programs for right to left (equals standard desktop Alt+Shift+Tab)
Alt+Insert Cycles through the programs in the order they were started (equals standard desktop Alt+Insert)
Alt+Home Displays the Start menu (equals standard desktop Ctrl+Escape)
Ctrl+Alt+Pause Switches the client between full-screen mode and window mode
Ctrl+Alt+Home Show (or focus) on Connection Bar (when in full-screen mode)
Ctrl+Alt+End Brings up the Windows Security dialog box.
Alt+Delete Displays the Windows menu.
Ctrl+Alt+- Screenshot of active Window into Clipboard (equals standard desktop PrtScr)
Ctrl+Alt++ Screenshot of Entire Remote Desktop into Clipboard (equals standard desktop Alt+PrtScr)

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