Word Shortcuts for Tables

Arrow Down/Arrow Up

Jump one row down / one row up


Jump to (and select) next / previous table cell


Jump to first column/ jump to last column

Alt+Page Up/Alt+Page Down

Jump to first row / jump to last row

Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow Right

One cell to the left / to the right


Select current table cell

End, then Shift+Home

Select content of current table cell

Press and hold shift and press arrow keys repeatedly

Extend selection to adjacent cells

Ctrl+Shift+F8, then press

Extend selection or block

Alt+5 on numeric keypad (with numLock off)

Select an entire table

Alt+Shift+Arrow Up/Alt+Shift+Arrow Down

Move current row up or down

In first column, press Shift+End

Select row

In first row press Alt+Shift+Page Down

Select column


Delete columns with columns selected

Created by max on 12/20/2020


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