100 Shortcuts for Wordfast Pro (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus100 Shortcuts for Wordfast Pro (Windows)
Alt+Shift+N Add Note
Ctrl+Alt+T Add Term
Alt+Shift+Delete Clear All Target Segments
Ctrl+Alt+X Clear Target Segment
Ctrl+W/Ctrl+F4 Close
Ctrl+Shift+W/Ctrl+Shift+F4 Close All
Ctrl+Alt+End Commit All segments to TM
Alt+End Commit Current Segment to TM
Alt+Enter Confirm / Unconfirm
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Insert Copy
Ctrl+Alt+lnsert Copy All Sources
Ctrl+Alt+Down/Alt+Shift+Down Copy Placeable
Ctrl+Shift+A Copy Placeables in current segment
Alt+Insert Copy Source
Ctrl+Alt+0 Copy Term
Ctrl+Tab Copy Word
Alt+- Current Segment Leverage
Ctrl+X/Shift+Delete Cut
Delete Delete
Ctrl+Delete Delete Next Word
Alt+Shift+D Delete Note
Ctrl+Backspace Delete Previous Word
Alt+Shift+E Edit Note
Ctrl+Alt+Enter Edit Terms
Ctrl+Alt+Enter Edit Terms
Alt+Shift+X Exit
Alt+Page Down Expand Segment
Ctrl+F/Ctrl+H Find / Replace
Ctrl+Home Go To First Segment
Ctrl+End Go To Last Segment
Ctrl+G Go to Segment
Shift+F5 Last Modified Segment
Alt+Right Arrow Leverage Next Tu
Alt+Left Arrow Leverage Previous Tu
End Line End
Home Line Start
Ctrl+M Maximize Active View or Editor
Alt+N New / Select Terms
Ctrl+Shift+N/Ctrl+Shift+O New / Select TM
Ctrl+F6 Next Editor
Ctrl+F8 Next Perspective
Ctrl+Alt+Right/Alt+Shift+Right Next Placeable
Ctrl+Down Arrow Next Segment (No Commit)
Alt+Down Arrow Next Segment (TM Commit)
Ctrl+Alt+9 Next Term
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Next Term / Placeable
Ctrl+F7 Next View
Ctrl+Right Arrow Next Word
F1 Online Help
Alt+E Open Edit Menu
Ctrl+O Open File
Alt+F Open File Menu
Alt+H Open Help Menu
Ctrl+Shift+P Open Project
Alt+T Open Terms Menu
Alt+M Open TM Menu
Alt+W Open Window Menu
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Alt+P Preview in MS Word
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous Editor
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Previous Perspective
Ctrl+Alt+Left/Alt+Shift+Left Arrow Previous Placeable
Ctrl+Up Arrow Previous Segment (No Commit)
Alt+Up Arrow Previous Segment (TM Commit)
Ctrl+Alt+8 Previous Term
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Previous Term / Placeable
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Previous View
Ctrl+Left Arrow Previous Word
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+3 Quick Access
Ctrl+Alt+Q Quick Clean
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Remove Term / Placeable
Alt+Delete Restore Segment
Ctrl+Alt+M Retrieve Selected Segment
Alt+F12 Retrieve Selected Tu
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+Alt+S Save Translated File
Ctrl+A Select All
Shift+End Select Until Line End
Shift+Home Select Until Line Start
Ctrl+Shift+L Show Key Assist
Alt+Shift+QthenQ Show View
Alt+Shift+QthenX Show View (View: )
Alt+Shift+QthenO Show View (View: Outline)
Ctrl+Shift+8 Show Whitespace Characters
Alt+Page Up Shrink Segment
F7 Spell Check
Shift+Tab Switch Between Source And Target
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T TM Admin Preferences
Ctrl+Shift+T TM Lookup
Ctrl+Shift+F TM Source Lookup
Ctrl+Shift+Q Transcheck
Ctrl+Shift+End Translate All
Ctrl+Alt+F Translate Until Fuzzy
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down Translate Until No Match
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Alt+Page Down Update Selected
Shift+F3 Uppercase / Lowercase
Alt+Spacebar Window Size

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