23 Shortcuts for X-Plane

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1. Point of View Controls

Corresponding Arrow Key

Shifts the view a bit in the direction you choose

S and X

Shifts the view toward the front and rear of the aircraft, respectively


Spins the view in the corresponding direction

C and D

Zoom In/ and Zoom Out

2. Cockpit View Controls

joystick 11 num 5

Shows the instrument panel as though you were in the cockpit, facing forward

num 8

As above but with POV higher in cockpit

num 7

Shows a front-facing view with no instrument panel, only a head-up display (HUD)

num 9

Shows a front-facing view unencumbered by an instrument panel or any other display

joystick 12 num 1

Displays magnified view of the 3-D instrument panel. Use translation and rotation commands to move and look around

num 4

Left window 45 degrees ahead

num 6

Right window 45 degrees ahead

num 7

Full Screen with HUD

num 9

Full Screen with No HUD

3. External View Controls

num 2

Moves the camera with the aircraft, allowing you to use the rotation and translation key to circle the aircraft


Fixes the camera at the nearest tower. Not available at all airports

4. Aircraft Controls


Landing Gear UP


Landing Gear Down


Toggle Smoke Puff


Toggle 3D Flight Path


Pause Simulator


Toggle Replay


Toggle Smoke

num *

1x, 2x, 4x speed

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Comment #1 by Chris Sep 8, 2021 at 12:27 pm  Reply

Moving the pilot head position is done with . and , not S and X


X-Plane Shortcuts

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