49 Shortcuts for Zoho Writer (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. General
  2. Format Tab
  3. Navigation keys

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minusplus1. General
Ctrl+N To Create New Document
Ctrl+ S To Save Document
Ctrl+Alt+S Save as
Ctrl+Alt+O To Open Left Panel
Ctrl+A To Select Whole Document Content
Ctrl+C To Copy Contents of Document
Ctrl+X To Cut Contents of Document
Backspace To Delete one character to the left
Delete To Delete one character to the right
Ctrl+Y To Redo Last Action
Ctrl+ Z To Undo Last Action
Ctrl+V To Paste Contents of Document
Ctrl +End Move to the end of document
Ctrl+Enter To give page break in document

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minusplus2. Format Tab
Ctrl+Alt+1 To Apply Heading1
Ctrl+Alt+2 To Apply Heading2
Ctrl+Alt+3 To Apply Heading3
Ctrl+Alt+4 To Apply Heading4
Ctrl +Alt+5 To Apply Heading5
Ctrl+Alt+6 To Apply Heading6
Ctrl+Alt+B Subscript
Ctrl+Alt+P Superscript
Ctrl+L To Justify Left
Ctrl+E To Justify Center
Ctrl+R To Justify Right
Ctrl+J To Justify Full
Ctrl+B To Bold the Text
Ctrl+ I To Italic the Text
Ctrl+U To Underline the Text
Ctrl+Alt+0 To Apply Normal Text
Shift+Home To Select text from the end of line to beginning of line
Shift +End To Select text from the beginning of line to end of line
Ctrl+K To Create link
Ctrl+Enter To Give Page Break in document
Ctrl+Q To Insert Equations
Ctrl+Alt+D To Create Endnote/Footnote in Document
Ctrl+Alt+M To Create Comment
Ctrl+F To Find and Replace Text
Ctrl+Shift+C To Find Word Count of document
Shift+ F7 To Use Thesaurus
Ctrl +Shift+0 Apply normal text
Ctrl+, To apply subscript
Ctrl+Delete Deletes word to right of cursor

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minusplus3. Navigation keys
Home Go to Beginning of line from the current cursor position
End Go to End of line from the current cursor position
Ctrl+Home Move to the top of document
Ctrl+End Move to the end of document
Page Up Up One Screen
Page Down Down One Screen

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Uploaded by SarthakMenpara, updated on 3/3/2017