35 Shortcuts for Zoom 5 (MacOS)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Most useful
  2. The Rest
minusplus1. Most useful
Command+Shift+V Start/stop video
Command+Shift+A Mute/unmute audio
Command+Shift+F Toggle full scren
Command+Shift+S Screen share start/stop
Command+Ctrl+S Screen share via direct share
Command+Shift+T Pause or resume screen share
Command+U Display/hide Participants panel
Option+Y Raise hand/lower hand
Space Push to talk
Command+Ctrl+M Mute audio for everyone except the host (host only)
Command+Ctrl+U Unmute audio for everyone except host (host only)
Command+Shift+R Start local recording

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minusplus2. The Rest
Command+J Join Meeting
Command+Ctrl+V Start Meeting
Command+J Schedule Meeting
Command+Shift+N Switch camera
Command+Shift+C Start cloud recording
Command+Shift+P Pause or resume recording
Command+Shift+W Switch to active speaker view or gallery view, depending on current view
Ctrl+P/N View previous/ next 25 participants in gallery view
Command+Shift+H Show/hide In-Meeting Chat Panel
Command+I Open invite window
Ctrl+Shift+R Gain remote control
Ctrl+Shift+G Stop remote control
Command+Shift+M Switch to minimal window
Ctrl+Option+Command+H Show/hide meeting controls
Ctrl+Shift+R Gain remote control
Ctrl+Shift+G Stop remote control
Ctrl+\ Toggle the "Always Show meeting controls" options in Settings/Accessibility
Command+W Prompt to End or Leave Meeting
Command+K Jump to chat with someone
Command+T Screenshot
Command+W Close the current window
Command+L Switch to Portrait or Landscape View, depending on current view
Ctrl+T Switch from one tab to the next

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Uploaded by max, updated on 5/21/2020