27 Shortcuts for FxPro (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Navigation and Scrolling
PgUp Fast chart Scrolling to Left
PgDn Fast Chart Scrolling to Right
Home Go to Oldest Data Available
End Go to Latest Trend Bar
Left Arrow Scroll Left
Right Arrow Scroll Right
Up Arrow Scroll Up
Down Arrow Scroll Down

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minusplus2. General Shortcuts
+/- Zoom In/Zoom Out
Delete Delete Selected Object
Ctrl+1 Chart Mode OCLH
Ctrl+2 Chart Mode Candlesticks
Ctrl+3 Chart Mode Line Charts
Ctrl+G Show Grid
Ctrl+B Show Bid
Ctrl+A Show Ask
Ctrl+F Favorites tab
Ctrl+S Symbols Tab
Ctrl+O New Order
Ctrl+C Crosshair
Ctrl+D Data Window
Esc Close Any Window
F1 Help
F2 Switch Between Tabbed and Grid Chart Window View
F11 Switch Between Default ,Chart Trading Layout and Chart Only Layout
F12 Full Screen Toggle
Ctrl+F4 Close Terminal

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Uploaded by rank17, updated on 6/5/2017