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Comment #12: by Jay LaCroix on 12/29/2016:

CTRL+Q quits the entire browser, not the tab. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/29/2016:

Fixed; thanks.

Comment #10: by dan on 3/6/2015:

I accidentally hit some combination of keys which displayed a menu of Firefox shortcuts superimposed over the page I was on. Does anyone know the key combo I hit that did this? [Reply]

Comment #9: by Chhaihuot on 10/3/2014:

When i open Firefox it work normally, but when I minimize it to back to my desktop, suddenly my pc error. (Can't click on other programs on desktop)? [Reply]

Comment #8: by r1ckr011 on 9/4/2013:

Oh! i forgot to mention. Not Everyone updates to the newest version of their browser. So keep 3 past versions handy :)

Not sure if you allow links in comments, but here is what I mean: [Reply]

Comment #7: by bernd on 6/17/2011:

I checked it and it toggles the 'add-on' bar. I am adding it to the list. Thanks! [Reply]

Comment #6: by t0meck on 6/14/2011:

There's also CTRL+/ which shows somewhat bar at the bottom of the page but i just don't know what is it for right now. Check it out for yourself. Maybe it's for addons icons? [Reply]

Comment #5: by bernd on 6/3/2011:

@Hamster: did make a correction to [ctrl]+[k], yes, [ctrl]+[e] does not work anymore. [f6] still works somewhat: it switches to the tab bar, but not to the address-bar. You can still press [f6] and then [tab] to get to addressbar. [Reply]

Comment #4: by Hamster on 5/31/2011:


They took away F6! It did the same thing as Alt+D and Ctrl+L: moved the cursor to the address bar. Also, Ctrl+E does not work for me. It should move cursor to the search box. Only Ctrl+K does now. [Reply]

Comment #3: by chus on 3/21/2011:

Firefox 4 duplicated the main menu. What's the keyboard shortcut for the new menu (the orange button)? [Reply]

Reply by navinkumar on 6/10/2013:


Comment #1: by Small tip on 2/27/2011:

Some shortcuts you are missing:rnCtrl+Shift+K opens Web ConsolernDownloads could also be opened by Ctrl+Shift+Y [Reply]

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