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Comment #25: by Whistler on 8/8/2020:

Alt+Enter ...Show the properties for the selected item. I presume it means the selected item in the list of messages. It does not seem to work on my Windows 10 desktop Outlook 2016. Am I missing something? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 8/15/2020:

hi - you need to be in the view where it shows emails in the list.

Comment #23: by Carlyle Sutphen on 9/5/2018:

I accidentally pressed ctrll+alt+n in an email I was composing which changed the formatting in a way I could not fully understand. Most notably, the right margin seemed to change to be much less than the window's right margin. I looked through all format settings, even using the Reveal Formatting tab, and could not find the formatting difference compared to another mail in which I did not press ctrl+alt+n. I could not undo the format with ctrl+z. Googling for the shortcut turned up nothing. Does anybody have an idea what ctrl+alt+n does in Outlook? [Reply]

Comment #22: by carolyn on 3/29/2017:

wonderful tips. i wonder if this one is reversed in Outlook format tips? Ctrl+[/Ctrl+Shift+< Increase font size. Ctrl+]/Ctrl+Shift+> Decrease font size. seems the < DEcreases, and the > INcreases. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 3/30/2017:

fixed, thanks! I actually changed it to [ctrl]+[shift]+[.]/[,]. this makes it consistent with word.

Comment #20: by om.joshi on 1/8/2017:

How can I search the email ID by simply typing starting word of the name on which I am sending the email for the first time? [Reply]

Reply by Carlyle Sutphen on 9/5/2018:

You probably don't need the answer any more. The first time a contact is used by you, pressing ctrl-k will search the server for a name starting with what you typed so far.

Comment #18: by Pascal on 8/17/2016:

This is really nice. I use your website very often. Thank you. [Reply]

Comment #17: by Natalie on 7/9/2016:

In Outlook 2010, how do I change change focus from the list of emails to the viewing pane. And once I am in the viewing pane is there a keyboard shortcut to download pictures. [Reply]

Comment #16: by Alan on 2/24/2016:

is there a short cut to "expand / collapse" groups in a list? [Reply]

Comment #15: by Todd on 3/16/2015:

Is there a short cut key to insert your signature? [Reply]

Reply by Dave on 10/12/2015:

I used to use Ctl + I in an old version of outlook, but am searching for what it is now. Would be great to hear if its possible to access signatures via a shortcut.

Comment #13: by Marc on 6/26/2014:

Awesome information for Outlook. Really enjoyed it. [Reply]

Comment #12: by SUNNY on 6/12/2014:

Thanks a lot man.. i will work on outlook my half of the day. These shortcuts are very helpful to me. [Reply]

Comment #11: by Lynn on 4/28/2014:

When composing a message in Outlook, is there a shortcut for "Do Not Save"? My settings are set to automatically Save messages. However, many times throughout a day I do not want to save a particular message. [Reply]

Comment #10: by siddheshwar on 9/19/2013:

Grouping of all keyes is very nice, Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #9: by Bhushan on 7/1/2013:

This is very nice tabular presentation of the Outlook shortcuts. Also the PDF download of the shortcuts is very nice...

Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #8: by Ali on 6/11/2013:

When my email view is by "From" and I have each person mimized so that it is more compact, if I change screens to say the calendar or anything else and then go back to the Inbox, all of the names have expanded again. Is there a way to minimize these names all at once with a function key combo or is my only option to click on each one all over again? [Reply]

Comment #7: by Jo Fullerton on 5/16/2013:


This is a great resource - it would be very useful to blind and partially sighted computer users however I am finding it inaccessible to jAWS screen reader. JAWs can not detect any links, headings or form fields. This suggests that your website may be inaccessible to all/most screen readers, as JAWs is very powerful. [Reply]

Comment #6: by Alan on 7/25/2012:

I was typing a message and hit a key stroke combination that has enlarged my text size - not font size, just the viewing text. This only happens when composing - viewing emails is not affected. Any ideas to get back to normal size???? [Reply]

Comment #5: by nilofar on 7/4/2012:

pls may i know how to create shortcut key for signature in outlook ? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/7/2012:

Press [alt]+[n], then [a],[s] for I[n]sert => [A]dd [S]ignature

Comment #3: by Beth on 4/18/2012:

Once I'm on the File tab in Outlook I cannot find a keyboard shortcut to return to any other tab. Can someone help? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 4/19/2012:

simply press escape and you return to main screen from where you can access other tabs.

Comment #1: by Roland Luciani on 9/25/2011:

This is a vey useful list of keyboard shortcuts. Thanks. [Reply]

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