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Comment #52: by Matt on 8/29/2016:

Keyboard shortcuts--lowercase "e" will advance the video one frame. Is there a keyboards shortcut that will "go back" one frame? [Reply]

Comment #51: by N M on 6/18/2016:

Is there any shortcut to open subtitle window? Please help [Reply]

Comment #50: by Peter on 6/17/2016:

Hi. It seems the default transport controls for various Media Players all work differently. I use J River's Media Player to manage my Music Library, (which I love) but if I want to play something quickly and not contaminate my library I use VLC Player. When a song is playing ... I expect the "Previous" button to go back to the song start on the first press and go to the previous track on the second press. I can't figure out how to get this to happen with VLC player. Hoping someone can help me. Cheers Peter. [Reply]

Comment #49: by vikas kumar on 5/30/2016:

Thanks for this list... Kuch jano [Reply]

Comment #48: by Fran├žois on 3/10/2016:

To add: p Play previous movie/song from playlist To edit: n Play next movie/song from playlist [Reply]

Comment #47: by Bill on 2/3/2016:

Shift-S will take a snapshot of the screen [Reply]

Comment #46: by Mark on 12/16/2015:

You need to have a reverse play feature. Hit the "left arrow" to reverse at play speed. Hit the "up arrow" to reverse at half speed. [Reply]

Comment #45: by Tad on 12/10/2015:

S is used for Stopping the movie, not for subtitles. For subtitles there's V key. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/10/2015:

thanks for clarification; i had the 's' as an alternate for Subtitles which i am taking out.

Comment #43: by ian on 11/15/2015:

After I press ctrl right arrow to move a minute ahead I press the space bar to play and nothing happens. What's the problem? [Reply]

Comment #42: by vinod kumar on 10/11/2015:

How to rotate screen in vlc player...plz tell me short cut key [Reply]

Comment #41: by stu on 9/21/2015:

I have a vlc install with a failed skin install. It is switched to the skin and nothing displays except the taskbar icon. Id love a shortcut to find how to break it out of this mess rather than having to un/re install. [Reply]

Reply by sandy on 10/17/2016:

Check "Tools > Preferences > Interface" and look to see if "Start in Minimal View Mode" is checked, and uncheck if so. Maybe what you are seeing.

Comment #39: by Michael on 8/9/2015:

I would like a next chapter/title keyboard shortcut the "n" one goes to the next file the one i want is for use within files them self you have a button for it already [Reply]

Comment #38: by Ammu on 6/12/2015:

Use Shift+R to Record. [Reply]

Comment #37: by Vinod Kumar on 5/25/2015:

Its really a way to learn high command line in few shortcut way [Reply]

Comment #36: by NAGENDRA SINGH SHEKHAWAT on 5/16/2015:

this is all shortcuts keys is very useful thanks! [Reply]

Comment #35: by Kailas V on 4/27/2015:

thanks it is very helpful [Reply]

Comment #34: by muffdiver on 3/5/2015:

Is it possible to loop from point A to point B from the keypad? [Reply]

Comment #33: by CHATHURANGA on 12/29/2014:

Thank you, its very helpful [Reply]

Comment #32: by RASTAMIKE on 10/13/2014:


Comment #31: by Esmail on 10/7/2014:

How can I change the default name of the snapshot?
When I take a snapshot, it is saved like this (for example):
How can I change it some way that next time I take a snapshot, the name of it be like this: the name of the video+time+date [Reply]

Reply by Sandy on 10/17/2016:

You can do some settings to do with that here: Tools > Preferences >Video Settings > Video Snapshots

Comment #29: by Adarsh on 9/30/2014:


If you use free app VLC Mobile Remote on Android and Windows Phone, you will never have to think about VLC keyboard shortcuts again. It has all the basic features such as play, forward, full screen, file selection and advanced controls crop, aspect ratio, screenshot, subtitle, audio delay sync and many more features. App download link - http://app.lk/AXC [Reply]

Comment #28: by Merbin joe on 8/24/2014:

List of VLC player Shortcut Keys http://allinworld99.blogspot.com/2014/08/vlc-player-shortcuts.html [Reply]

Comment #27: by basem Saba on 5/8/2014:

How to minimize in VLC Media Player [Reply]

Comment #26: by dipen on 5/1/2014:

how to take screen shot ?????? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 5/1/2014:

MAC OS X: Command+Alt+s,
Windows,Linux, and Unix: Shift+s.

adding to list.

Comment #24: by kj5wi on 4/11/2014:

Looking at the VLC shortcut list I did not see the fine speed control shortcuts which allow a 0.10 speerd change more usefull to a dance group such as cloggers. The shortcuts are [ & ] but only wortk when something is loaded into VLC. [Reply]

Comment #23: by guy on 4/7/2014:

Great list. One addition could be use "E" key to advance one frame at a time while paused, great for brief nudity, gore, and explosions and the like. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 6/27/2014:

good one; that was missing. just added. thanks

Comment #21: by yoav on 3/22/2014:

you can add F1/F2 Decrease subtitle delay / Increase subtitle delay [Reply]

Comment #20: by Dani on 12/8/2013:

You are freaking awesome! I've been trying to figure out what key I've been accidentally pressing to make videos speed up :P [Reply]

Comment #19: by Nacho Monreal on 9/29/2013:


Use CTRL + Shift + Z/X

Your welcome [Reply]

Comment #18: by RAJU SHAHA on 8/11/2013:


Comment #17: by kenneth on 7/8/2013:

thank u for this bro! [Reply]

Comment #16: by tommytee on 7/7/2013:

The key v does not turn on or off subtitles. (OS X Snow Leopard)

I would love to know a key that does. [Reply]

Reply by tommytee on 7/7/2013:

Found it. it is: s

Comment #14: by curter on 4/9/2013:

Is it possible to apply smooth scrolling on vlc volume ? sometimes if i scroll down once, it decreases more and if i scroll up, it increases more than i need, so i think there should be a way of applying smooth scrolling... [Reply]

Comment #13: by harihar on 3/9/2013:

thAnks for this wonderful info. [Reply]

Comment #12: by Akash Pareek on 3/8/2013:

How to minimize to tray in vlc media player please tell someone. [Reply]

Comment #11: by Eva on 3/3/2013:

What do you mean by "Left" and "Right" in "Jump in Playback" shortcuts? What keys are you referring to? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 3/4/2013:

Good point asking for clarification. It was supposed to say 'arrow left', and 'arrow right'. I corrected the Shortcut page. Thanks for pointing it out!

Comment #9: by Sunny on 1/2/2013:

For shortcut keys in vlc player;
open vlc player and go to
Tools>preferences>hotkeys. [Reply]

Comment #8: by kaviyarasu on 9/28/2012:

thanks [Reply]

Comment #7: by jjdoe on 7/10/2012:

I think the increase decrease audio delay and increase decrease subtile delay are reversed [Reply]

Reply by Jon on 9/28/2013:

Still reversed....

Reply by bernd on 7/10/2012:

fixed. thx!

Comment #4: by Lokesh Jena on 5/24/2012:

vary needfull for palying Vlc [Reply]

Comment #3: by Anne Crawford on 5/15/2012:

Very good. Have just typed up minutes without having to use my mouse at all. I agree with Alex - it would be great to have this on the player menu. [Reply]

Comment #2: by Alex on 3/25/2012:

Would be really awesome to have this listed in the Menu of the player itself.
So noone needs to google for the Fullscreen shortcut. [Reply]

Comment #1: by Priyanka on 1/28/2012:

nice Shortcuts key working for vlc [Reply]

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