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Comment #27: by on 11/1/2018:

Really useful.... [Reply]

Comment #26: by R.DHARMALINGAM on 4/5/2016:

hai this is your post very useful for visual studio [Reply]

Comment #25: by HamdunSoft.Com on 8/18/2015:

That's good enough for .net developer. [Reply]

Comment #24: by Muhammad Ashikuzzaman on 8/18/2015:

Thanks a lot. may Allah help you. [Reply]

Comment #23: by coder on 7/30/2015:

you swapped the "Display symbol definition" and "Display symbol declaration" The right shortcuts is: Ctrl+F12 Display symbol declaration F12 Display symbol definition BTW, Thanks for your post, it helped me a lot. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 9/4/2015:

fixed; thanks!

Comment #21: by Dax on 11/3/2014:

ctrl-[ ctrl-s to find current document in solution explorer [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 9/4/2015:

added thanks

Comment #19: by Anbuchelvan on 8/12/2014:

Alt + shift + T for move a line downwards

Anbuchelvan [Reply]

Comment #18: by Nishad R on 7/3/2014:

Good One...More Useful... [Reply]

Comment #17: by Kalai on 5/23/2014:

Easy and superb [Reply]

Comment #16: by Ponram on 5/23/2014:

Very useful for developer [Reply]

Comment #15: by Ganapathy on 5/23/2014:

Very nice [Reply]

Reply by Mohan on 5/23/2014:

This post are very useful

Comment #13: by arulb2w on 3/27/2014:

Very nice :) [Reply]

Comment #12: by vbrat on 3/24/2014:

For HTML pages:
F7 toggle between design and code behind pages
Shift+F7 toggle between design and HTML source
Control+Page Down and Control+Page up cycle between design, split and source
Control+shift+F9 delete all breakpoints [Reply]

Comment #11: by mohsencs on 2/12/2014:

Thanks a lot! [Reply]

Comment #10: by njl_041x on 12/10/2013:

very nice [Reply]

Comment #9: by Pete Cordell on 8/27/2013:

Ctrl+F2 also creates a book mark. F2 to move to next bookmark, Shift+F2 to move back. [Reply]

Comment #8: by bernd on 6/25/2013:

fixed; thanks! [Reply]

Comment #7: by abc on 6/25/2013:

Build shortcut is f6 not f7. [Reply]

Comment #6: by Group Enotes on 12/5/2012:

Good document [Reply]

Comment #5: by chetan on 5/24/2012:

This is very good document.... [Reply]

Comment #4: by Jon on 4/3/2012:

Oops... in the above, the original code like did have angle brackets in the list def:

List<IntSite> siteList [Reply]

Comment #3: by Jon on 4/3/2012:

I had case today where I was moving some code around and my fat fingers bumped some keys. I had a line that read:

List siteList = ...

and after, it was all spaced out like so:

List < IntSite > siteList = ...

I can't seem to find the shortcut that did that... anyone know? [Reply]

Comment #2: by Shweta Patel on 2/4/2012:

Really nice. I was looking for such well defined short cuts. [Reply]

Comment #1: by Nikhil on 11/23/2011:

Great post, helps new comers to catch up to prefessionals.
Thanks a lot [Reply]

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