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Comment #6: by zahoor islam on 4/17/2014:

plz tell me keys for reset android ???????? [Reply]

Comment #5: by belle on 10/16/2013:

How about TOUCH? or MULTI-TOUCH? [Reply]

Comment #4: by Bruno Braga on 2/11/2013:

Same keys are valid on Linux as well. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 2/11/2013:

thanks for pointing this out; created same page under linux

Comment #2: by Rachit Jain on 2/14/2012:
Shortcuts for volume up/down are wrong.
They should be "CTRL+F5/F6"
Thanx for the rest of them. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 2/14/2012:

Fixed. Thanks!

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