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Comment #10: by vbrat on 8/13/2015:

To sort a column in datasheet view: 1. Move to the column you want to sort 2. Select the column (Ctrl + space) 3. Display the dropdown menu (Alt + down) [Reply]

Comment #9: by guru on 7/14/2015:

It is nice learn with excel so nice shark-at keys in hear ,,, nice ..,, [Reply]

Comment #8: by Crystal Schneider on 8/19/2014:

I am working in an access table entering data and the extended mode got turned on in the process of me trying to turn it off i also changed the way the entries are entered. They now all pop to the top after i unselect the row. Does any one know what iu have done?! [Reply]

Comment #7: by Shannon on 5/5/2014:

Does anyone know, when in datasheet view of an MS access table and you have a list box of items to select from, using the keyboard how can you cycle through it? i know on a webpage you tab to the list box and use the arrow keys (up and down), however, up and down in the datasheet view goes up to the next record and vise versa? [Reply]

Reply by Chocka on 5/27/2014:

when on table field with list of items, press ALT+arrow down to open up the listNavigate up and down using the up and down arrow key; press Enter to select the item of your choice

Comment #5: by Shariff on 10/14/2013:

Thanks a lot for providing a list of detailed shortcuts for different OS environments.
It is very helpful and easy to work with using these shortcuts when you have multiple tasks to perform with less time. [Reply]

Comment #4: by stutigupta on 6/18/2013:

seriously its awsm.......these are very usefull ... [Reply]

Comment #3: by Dilawar katawazai on 1/9/2012:

Very good all the best this shurt cuts [Reply]

Reply by dinesh on 7/19/2013:

yes this is very very useful for a person who reagurly working on pc

Comment #1: by drifter on 1/2/2012:

The Access short cuts are are very comprehensive. That said, I am looking for a keyboard shortcut to select a join line between two tables within a Query Design View Diagram so that the Join Properties can be edited. Didn't see it in the current page. Any ideas? [Reply]

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