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Comment #11: by Pradyumna on 9/24/2019:

Can you please share the shortcut keys to drag the dialogue box without using mouse [Reply]

Comment #10: by Adriano Armani on 11/23/2015:

You have also missed the shortcut Ctrl-Delete, which makes you go to the end of the file. Anyway, congratulations for the good work. [Reply]

Reply by sriram on 1/7/2016:

Good Work

Reply by Adriano Armani on 11/23/2015:

Sorry. Actually is "Ctrl-End". Anyhow, this is not in the shortcut list.

Comment #7: by Vinay on 12/24/2014:

You have missed out 2 important shortcut keys (esp. for developers). Ctrl- and Ctrl-/ These control characters help to navigate word-by-word in a multi-word Eg. Consider the word "MyFamilyIsBigFamily" If the cursor is at M, then pressing Ctrl or Ctrl / shall move the cursor to F and pressing them again will move to Is. [Reply]

Reply by sriram on 1/7/2016:


Comment #5: by mel on 8/1/2014:

Very helpful posting, can you show me how to add music symbols, I searched the internet using Alt +14 to show double column symbol. but it doesn't work on notepad ++.

i hope you can help [Reply]

Comment #4: by Greg on 3/11/2014:

Thank you. FYI., found another site with a few more:

The one I needed was CTRL+TAB (go to next document). [Reply]

Comment #3: by Wilhelm on 5/17/2013:

Extremely useful! Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #2: by Hekkaten on 3/18/2013:

Awesome, thanks mate this was a great help.

the auto complete was what i was really looking for [Reply]

Reply by alex1999 on 9/30/2019: xxx []BB[/url] keyword

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