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Comment #5: by Sam on 6/1/2016:

How to open the same file which is already opened in one directory[Left side of TC] in another side of TC[Right side of TC].. is there any shortcuts available for this? Note: without copy paste the path...... [Reply]

Reply by Sam on 6/1/2016:

Got it... Ctrl+Left arrow (if you want to move content of right side of TC to left side) Ctrl+right arrow (if you want to move content of left side of TC to right side)

Comment #3: by Janos on 1/4/2016:

Ctrl + P then Shift + < or >: copy filepath to clipboard Ctrl + Shift + < or >: copy tab to the other window [Reply]

Comment #2: by Alex Cool on 10/31/2013:

How to switch tabs in TC? ( [a/b] -> [b/a] ) [Reply]

Reply by -=[ DeMoN ]=- on 1/12/2014:


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