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Comment #5: by Philip Morgan on 11/16/2018:

The shortcuts which have been given here can be very useful for the users as they will save more times and they can also have the latest updates on windows modules installer worker [Reply]

Comment #4: by bokudara5777 on 6/9/2017:

While within a comment box on Google Docs (windows, mac, etc.) you may use "-" before and after a phrase for a strikethrough effect "*" before and after a phrase for a bolded effect and "_" before and after a phrase for an italicized effect. However, I haven't been able to find a way to make text in the comment boxes with a super or subscript effect. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 6/9/2017:

nice find. added to the list. thanks!

Comment #2: by tronghv77 on 1/1/2013:

Copy formatting: Ctrl+Option+C (not Ctrl+Alt+C)
Paste formatting: Ctrl+Option+V (not Ctrl+Alt+V) [Reply]

Comment #1: by Greg Dodson on 5/9/2012:

how do you jump to the end of a range in
Google spreadsheets [Reply]

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