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Comment #6: by Andy on 1/9/2019:

N Previous should be: Shift + N Previous [Reply]

Comment #5: by Wesley Steinbrink on 1/31/2017:

In addition to Emacs with Evil mode, there is Spacemacs: It appears to be a better Emacs with Vim combination [Reply]

Comment #4: by Anonymous on 3/30/2016:

Kindly check your VI commands [Reply]

Comment #3: by Wesley Steinbrink on 7/5/2015:

New link for the Derek Wyatt Vim Tutorials: [Reply]

Comment #2: by Wesley Steinbrink on 11/20/2013:

vi is actually combinations of single letter shortcuts in the normal mode.
Your vi shortcuts need to mention going from insert mode to normal mode (Using Esc or Ctrl-[):
Some good links are
(note the link to more vi books)
the graphical cheat sheet:
and for using as a plugin for emacs (scalpal on top of swiss army knife) [Reply]

Reply by Wesley Steinbrink on 11/20/2013:

Note also - most of the letters for control in normal mode coordinate with the first letter of English words for character manipulation.

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