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Comment #5: by E. Iatseev on 4/20/2017:

https://shortcutworld.com/en/Evernote/win/all#link_1 1. Shortcuts ... used any time: Win+ PrintScreen not used // -> // Win + shift + s [Reply]

Comment #4: by Joel Jones on 4/7/2016:

When clicking on the pdf link, the ⌘(cloverleaf symbol) is not displayed correctly [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 4/8/2016:

fixed; thank you for letting me know.

Comment #2: by sumeet on 9/15/2014:

Evernote is not for linux. Correct that.Thank you for your site and your efforts [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 11/5/2014:

fixed; thanks

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