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Comment #8: by hel on 7/23/2017:

Shift+L - doesn't "Stop after song finished (would be nice if you could see that somewhere)", it 'suggests' to open some folder. Ctrl+V does the job ("stop after song " - exactly the way it mentioned above). [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/29/2017:

ok; done right now :-)

Reply by hel on 7/28/2017:

The pleasure is mine :), and thanks for the list, it's really helpful. Although there's a little mistake again (in the same key combination) - now it's 'Shift+V' while there should be 'Ctrl' instead of 'Shift'.

Reply by bernd on 7/23/2017:

fixed. This must have been stated wrong for 2 years before somebody complained, thanks for volunteering a quick post so that I can fix it.

Comment #4: by Frank on 7/25/2014:

Z is the correct shortcut for: Jump to previous song [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/25/2014:

Thanks. fixed.

Comment #2: by maic on 6/8/2014:

Ctrl + Alt + N - creates another instance of winamp [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 6/11/2014:

thanks; added.

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