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Comment #104: by cla on 8/30/2020:

Many thanks for this fantastic website! Very very helpful! A question...is there any way to somehow memorize the shortcuts? Tip and tricks? Thaaaaanks! [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 8/30/2020:

the easiest way to remember is probably how they derive shortcuts from the function. Simple case is [B] for [B]old. Many times they intentionally or unintentionally put the shortcut cue in the middle for example [E] for C[e]nter text. Thanks for the kind words!

Comment #102: by Nitin K on 6/10/2020:

Thanks for such a wonderful collection of shortcuts. Do we have short cut for format picture in MS-Word and Ms-PowerPoint [Reply]

Comment #101: by hassan on 3/3/2020:

Tremendous information about words and its shortcut keys...! [Reply]

Comment #100: by Sher Singh on 2/4/2020:

Print preview & current page short key [Reply]

Comment #99: by Joyce Marshall on 10/7/2018:

Thank you so much. I have been using the shortcut Alt/E/S to access Paste Special and then unformatted text. However, as soon as I do Alt/E I get the symbol é. Is there a fix for this please. [Reply]

Reply by Jan on 3/14/2019:

Alt-E is most probably assigned as shortcut to this symbol. Try to remove the shortcut, i.e. type Alt-N+U+M and scroll to and select the symbol (maybe in the recently used), then Alt+K and select under 'Current keys' the Alt+E, then type Alt+R, or choose 'remove'. Ctrl+' followed by E gives the é, as well as Ctrl+Shift+: followed by E gives ë and guess what Ctrl+` followed by E does... Instead of E other letters work the same. Hope this helps!

Comment #97: by Sturges on 11/30/2017:

Is there a shortcut for deleting a blank page in Word? [Reply]

Comment #96: by jas on 10/17/2017:

hi, is there a shortcut for Numbering in ms word? [Reply]

Comment #95: by Tom Giordano on 12/20/2016:

Great document. I noticed one item that could be updated. *Tapping F8 repeatedly* to extend selection will, in order, select a word, *sentence*, paragraph, *section* and finally document. My suggestions for updates are emphasized by asterisks. [Reply]

Comment #94: by A SRINU on 12/13/2016:


Comment #93: by Ronesha, McDowell on 8/29/2016:

this is very helpful in studding and if you need quick information. [Reply]

Comment #92: by WHekkies on 3/22/2016:

In the section: Word 2013 Shortcuts | 14. Enter Special Fields, there is an error : ALT+SHIFT+I is called insert Citation and ALT+SHIFT+O is also wrongly called insert Citation. It should be Insert Table of Content [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 3/22/2016:

fixed; thanks for the help

Comment #90: by jeff on 2/26/2016:

Wow this is very amazing and large weenerssss [Reply]

Comment #89: by Nelson on 2/21/2016:

Wow! Thanks...this is cool. [Reply]

Comment #88: by Ego Bizzin on 1/30/2016:

[11] Outline View [*] Switch to Outline View from : {ctrl}{shift} + O to : {alt}{ctrl} + O [Reply]

Comment #87: by Cliff on 9/26/2015:

Great Site. Could I suggest adding 'CTRL-Spacebar' to get drop down menu for panes in Word 2013. eg CTRL-SHIFT-S" display apply styles pane CTRL-Spacebar,C to close. Works for all panes in Word as far as I know. NB Found on other MS Comunnities site, not my work. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/7/2015:

Thanks; i am in the process doing major rework of all Office Shortcuts with the 2016 update. Took me a while, but i got it. let me add that to the next large update.

Comment #85: by Sankarkumar on 9/18/2015:

very nice ..........short cut keys [Reply]

Reply by lol on 10/25/2017:


Reply by ram on 12/7/2015:

very nice ..........short cut keys

Comment #82: by Saeed nawaz khan on 9/11/2015:

Very nice and use full short cut i wrote it down in my note book :D to memorize [Reply]

Comment #81: by Honey King on 5/9/2015:

nice word i like it [Reply]

Comment #80: by Rizwan on 5/7/2015:

waaaaaoooooooooo so nice link [Reply]

Comment #79: by Deepak Arora on 4/27/2015:

Thanks a lot for helping me and providing me what I am looking for. [Reply]

Comment #78: by guddu raja on 4/9/2015:

mind blowing website.i have no any word to thanks. [Reply]

Comment #77: by Niru on 4/7/2015:

Really I like this way. Thank You very much. [Reply]

Comment #76: by lingeswaran on 4/1/2015:

thanks friend. [Reply]

Comment #75: by chandu on 2/1/2015:

there is no words to appreciate this site [Reply]

Comment #74: by Girl on 1/27/2015:

This is a great help thank you very much. [Reply]

Comment #73: by Nur Alam on 1/25/2015:

This is very usefull site and This is a great site. Thanks for You Great site.... [Reply]

Comment #72: by rajeev550 on 12/2/2014:

Excellent site................. [Reply]

Comment #71: by soheyl on 11/27/2014:

hello i wanted to thank all the people who put this great effort and provided such a great website shortcuts of microsoft word was so helpful and i enjoyed it a lot it made my work so much easier. i hope you a prosperous new year (although two months are remaining) ;-) [Reply]

Comment #70: by Emelita on 11/19/2014:

This is really wonderful. Very, very useful. Thumbs up to you..... [Reply]

Reply by m srikanth on 11/5/2015:

thanks a lote emitha

Comment #68: by imtiaz on 11/15/2014:

this is wonder ful web site ,,,thank you ,
my name is imtiaz from pakistan ,,,and my home laad [Reply]

Comment #67: by SAndraann44 on 10/29/2014:

When are the shortcuts for 2013 going to be posted? I now have 2013 instead of 2013.
Thank you. It is a wonderful site. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 10/31/2014:

just uploaded. thanks for the reminder!

Comment #65: by Abhishek on 9/25/2014:

Classic shortcut keys..... [Reply]

Comment #64: by Akshay on 9/25/2014:

Classic shortcut keys............awesome........mind blowing.......... [Reply]

Comment #63: by rajendra Prasad on 9/4/2014:

A good material for a. Students [Reply]

Comment #62: by Limaccia on 7/4/2014:

Agree with everyone, this is wonderful! I had a devil of a time finding a list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Word Starter (I still hate this version for all their limits upon customization).
Although you don't mention "Word Starter" these appear to work for it. Many thanks!
But I'd like to see the two columns reversed (What it does, followed by the command) although obviously they would not fit together as well in your list [Reply]

Comment #61: by Abdul Sattar Patni on 6/26/2014:

Nice job - God Bless [Reply]

Comment #60: by ningthoi on 6/6/2014:

thnks its very helpful [Reply]

Comment #59: by GOKULAN on 5/15/2014:


Comment #58: by JOHN on 5/1/2014:

super........................keep it up.
Thanks for this keys this is very helpful for any one Thanks again
Thank you!!! I love that I can print it and save a PDF for future use [Reply]

Reply by Annie Marie Smith on 5/16/2015:

it was okay, i could bear it

Comment #56: by govardhan reddy on 4/23/2014:

Thank you [Reply]

Comment #55: by Imran Farooq on 3/23/2014:

Thanks for this keys this is very helpful for any one Thanks again [Reply]

Comment #54: by Binni Mehta on 3/5/2014:

Nice, Thanx, Keep it Up. Grate yaar. It is helpful for public we wish every educated person perform this kind of sevice for people , [Reply]

Comment #53: by comtech computers on 2/6/2014:

it was awesome [Reply]

Comment #52: by siva on 1/29/2014:

I want a shortcut for the following:
Merger: In merger two or more existing companies combine into one company. The transferor company merges its identity into the transferring company by the transfer of its
business (assets and liabilities). The shareholders of the transferor company receive shares in
the merged company in exchange for the shares held by them in the transferor company as
per the agreed exchange ratio
I want to make it continuous and I am tired of puutin space delete in each lin. [Reply]

Comment #51: by MOHANRAJ on 1/20/2014:


Comment #50: by ladasha on 10/14/2013:

it was awesome love it [Reply]

Comment #49: by updesh on 10/5/2013:

short commm [Reply]

Comment #48: by Raj on 10/3/2013:

This Web site is very Best in short cut keys. [Reply]

Comment #47: by Kaththea on 9/30/2013:

You're missing a whole bunch of short cuts. ^p for new paragraph. ^t for tab. [Reply]

Comment #46: by SRIDHAR on 8/19/2013:

this is very exlent site. these are very very use ful to office users. wornderful. thank u very much [Reply]

Comment #45: by Bhushan kumar on 8/8/2013:

This is very usefull site to know about shortcut key thanks [Reply]

Comment #44: by Ramu Telika on 8/3/2013:

My work is completed in 10 min good hard work by admin [Reply]

Comment #43: by Abdul Haq/Argoon on 7/22/2013:

Thank you so much , it is helpful for public we wish every educated person perform this kind of sevice for people ,

Abdul Haq from Kabul City Afghanistan. [Reply]

Comment #42: by BRANDY on 7/18/2013:

Thank you!!! I love that I can print it and save a PDF for future use!!! [Reply]

Comment #41: by smorkunas1 on 7/5/2013:

What short cut key can I use to turn off my computer when the keyboard freezes and I have no cursor? [Reply]

Comment #40: by Sandy on 7/4/2013:

This is a great site! Thank you for all your efforts. [Reply]

Comment #39: by NISHIKANT VERMA on 6/28/2013:

wow this site is so use full i like it ..... [Reply]

Comment #38: by p.jeyapandian on 6/27/2013:


thank you so much.it is very useful to all. [Reply]

Comment #37: by KAMAL KISHOR sahu on 6/20/2013:

thanks dear this site is so wonderfully...... [Reply]

Comment #36: by Shaalow on 6/18/2013:

Hi there,
Thanks for the great list. This isn't shortcut related exactly, but I'm wondering if you know a quick way to view recent folders when saving a word document. This seems to be gone from the left side of my screen which lists the folders.
I'm saving in too many different folders to be able to add to favorites and it's much more time consuming to have to go and find the folder I want each time.
Many thanks! [Reply]

Reply by Shaalow on 6/18/2013:

One more thing! After using Ctrl + P for print, in Word 2003 it would automatically select the number of pages where you would only have to hit the number you wanted and enter. Any tips other than the new long "short-cut" using the alt +++ keys?

Comment #34: by Ashutosh on 5/29/2013:

Thank you very much. its an excellent work and a very nice collection. Thanks again for your services.

Best Wishes [Reply]

Comment #33: by SANDEEP on 5/16/2013:

excellent [Reply]

Comment #32: by Mark on 5/11/2013:

How about F4 alone? This allows you to move to a new position in a document then simply repeat the last action you performed (e.g. 'insert rows above' current position in a table, bold selected text, anything almost..) Sooo handy. [Reply]

Reply by Sandy on 7/4/2013:

F4=Repeat last action - Does not work in Office 2010. I used this shortcut more than any other one in previous versions. It worked in Excel, Access, Word. I miss it!

Comment #30: by Nitin48 on 3/31/2013:

Wow this is very useful in office work thank you [Reply]

Comment #29: by haider sher on 12/22/2012:

thank u it is an amezing.but may mor
in excel [Reply]

Comment #28: by sadhanabhat on 12/19/2012:

dear and respected sir/madam, thank you blessings and good wishes. [Reply]

Comment #27: by TOFIN on 10/30/2012:

thank u . it is amezing . this is help for all type in word [Reply]

Comment #26: by Leetan on 10/22/2012:

Thank u but tag more short cut key in excel.

thank u [Reply]

Comment #25: by Jean on 10/11/2012:

There is no way to get into an existing header or footer with a key stroke. The auto stuff really sucks. [Reply]

Comment #24: by MOHAMMED BABAR on 9/18/2012:

Thanks giving the useful keywords [Reply]

Comment #23: by Jojo on 7/22/2012:

In a previous life (around Word 2003 and earlier) I used to be able to do multilevel lists with numbering. I know, you still can, BUT, what I don't seem to be able to do with the keyboard is find a shortcut to indent the next level of the list I am doing, and have it automatically put the correct number in.
Previously I could go
1. hard return
tab 1.1 hard return
tab tab 1.1.1 hard return, hard return
Now the paragraph goes in, but the numbering doesn't. Am I missing some quirky setting hidden deep in the program? [Reply]

Comment #22: by Michael Osborne on 6/21/2012:

There may be a mistake in the Word 2010 keyboard shortcut for superscript. I found that Ctrl Shift = works but the shortcut you posted does not i.e. Ctrl Shift [ ] Thanks for a great reference site though. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 6/22/2012:

You are correct. Just fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out!

Comment #20: by Patrick on 5/31/2012:

When I preview a building block in the Organizer, I am unable to zoom into the the contents of the block. Anyway, I can zoom in or expand the Organizer box to full screen [Reply]

Comment #19: by Naveen on 5/18/2012:

It was excellent, Thank you! [Reply]

Comment #18: by Alice Greene on 1/30/2012:

I was looking for a Word 2010 (I HATE THAT PROGAM!!) shortcut to put in today's date, without the date changing every time you open the document. I stumbled upon your website in my Google search. I REALLY appreciate the list of shortcuts you posted. I really miss WordPerfect! In my opinion, WordPerfect is a truly superior word processing program, but Microsoft puts Word on every PC. I'm not a complete idiot. I know what I want in a document, and I don't want some stupid computer program making all my decisions for me. I think I've turned almost all of the crap off that I hate (automatic lists, etc.), but there are some things that still suck. [Reply]

Reply by Suzanne on 8/1/2013:

Alice, you are so RIGHT. Word Perfect is by far the best word processing program EVER. Very user friendly, fast and efficient. LOVE IT. After 31 years my firm is going to WORD. So disappointed. I HATE it too! Good luck. I may have to Xanax to get through this!!!! lol

Comment #16: by Mohammad on 1/16/2012:

Thank you! It was excellent! I enjoy it! [Reply]

Reply by YOLO on 9/10/2013:

GTA 5 is better HAH GAY

Comment #14: by bishop Fantabulus on 12/21/2011:

everybody body must visit this awesome site, if they want to be word wezard [Reply]

Comment #13: by ravi on 12/17/2011:

i really like the way that u mention all the short keyword. which is a very useful for a beginner. [Reply]

Comment #12: by DMcK on 12/5/2011:

keyboard shortcut for display/hide word 2010 navigation pane is ALT+W,K not ALT V,K as you say [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/17/2011:

thanks; fixed on the page

Comment #10: by Jefferson on 12/1/2011:

Ctrl + Alt + H (To toggle highlight text on/off) [Reply]

Comment #9: by Bonita Kale on 9/28/2011:

Great! Thank you! Now, if only I had a shortcut for each template... [Reply]

Comment #8: by nnnmbamcom on 8/23/2011:

Very Good Services. Please keep it up. Thank you. Our public support will be there always.

N Narayanan. M.Com., MBA (Finance). [Reply]

Comment #7: by skylark on 6/15/2011:

This is an excellent site, thank you, the layout is aesthetic and effective, and it is already impressively extensive. [Reply]

Reply by helo on 3/2/2013:


Comment #5: by Stephanie on 3/11/2011:

Thank You!! And the ability to print it is awesome [Reply]

Reply by krishna on 5/19/2014:

thank you very much

Reply by you dont need on 9/10/2013:

Hah! GAY!

Reply by From Kabul on 7/22/2013:

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Reply by Mike Micheal on 9/11/2012:

Very wonderful

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