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Comment #12: by Zhi on 7/3/2020:

Hi, there's a shortcut that I used to know, but now I've forgot it, and can't remember anymore. In windows explorer, with "checkbox on each file" turned OFF, when you're focused on a file, you can use Ctrl+ArrowKeys to move the cursor without moving the focus, then you can press a hotkey to add the item under the current cursor into selection, which has the same effect as ctrl+click, without using the mouse. Do you which is the hotkey to "add file to selection"? [Reply]

Reply by Zhi on 7/4/2020:

Yes!! Thanks!! Actually I believe I have tried [space] multiple times before, including when I submitted this comment yesterday, and it didn't work. However, it does work now. I'm not sure why it's inconsistent, I'll report back if I discover more info. Thanks!

Reply by bernd on 7/3/2020:

I think you are looking for [space] to add to selection press and hold [ctrl], use [arrow keys], and each item you want to add or remove you use the the [space] key.

Comment #9: by Ron Mitchell on 7/1/2020:

Thanks for this, very useful. However Ctrl-Q does not work for me either. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/2/2020:

fixed tow [Ctrl]+[W] thank you! i don't recall how that got in there.

Comment #7: by Peter Dowling on 3/19/2020:

CTRL + Q does not appear to exit Explorer that I can tell... [Reply]

Comment #6: by John on 12/21/2019:

In section: "7. Folder Content (Main Pane) - Navigate Files/ Folders" The 2nd shortcut: "Alt+H, then SA Select all items via Home, Select All." This shortcut, i.e., "Select All" can be achieved with fewer keys if the Content (Main) Pane is active/focused, just press "Ctrl+A" [Reply]

Comment #5: by Rick on 6/15/2019:

Re: 9. Folder Content (Main Pane) - Change Views Hi BernD This is possibly related to Ted Taylor's comment on 9/26/2018. I discovered this super shortcuts page after my shortcuts for Change Views stopped working. I find them most useful at times - particularly when working in my photographs' folders. I thought at first they stopped working after an automatic Windows 10 update but then I remembered I changed my Language setting from English (US) to English (UK) around the same time. In trying to get to the bottom of this, today I reverted the language back to US and the shortcuts started working again. Just to prove my theory I reset it to UK and they stopped working again. Using Word a lot I will probably need a UK spellchecker more the the Change View shortcuts (unless there's another way of dealing with this). Are you by any chance aware of any configuration settings associated with the shortcuts for Change Views? Regards Rick [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 6/16/2019:

Hi Rick - language setting could explain it indeed. Not sure how to make this work on the UK edition so i am not a big help here, sorry. Working with multiple languages myself on a regular basis - i have the language bar active in Windows, and you can simply press [Win]+[Space] to switch between languages. Not sure if it works for UK-English to US-English, but maybe an option to leave you switching fast to UK English any time.

Comment #3: by Ted Taylor on 9/26/2018:

9. Folder Content (Main Pane) - Change Views does not work on Windows 10. It is publishede in all sorts of places but it is incorrect. Please put it right. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 10/2/2018:

Hi Ted - thanks for checking and sorry for late reply. I just checked and it does work on my file explorer. I do remember though i had issues with it in the past, maybe a past update messed it up for some editions/ versions

Comment #1: by Yvonne on 3/22/2018:

Nice collection, thanks and kudo's! [Reply]

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