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Comment #10: by Pradeep Verma on 7/30/2013:

This Shortcut keys are very useful for me.

Thank you [Reply]

Comment #9: by franbar on 1/16/2013:

Perhaps the most handy of all:
While in presentation mode, ? (question mark) will show a list of all shortcuts possible during a presentation.
The big advantage: this will work in any locale and will show the locale dependent shortcuts.

e.g. In German powerpoint you would have to press S (schwartz) to show a black slide whilst in English the shortcut would be B. [Reply]

Comment #8: by Loren on 4/11/2012:

under powerpoint the heading word task is spelled wrong [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 4/11/2012:

thanks, loren. corrected.

Comment #6: by mzavala31 on 2/23/2012:

Does anybody have a list of shortcuts for PowerPoint 2010? [Reply]

Comment #5: by EJC on 2/2/2012:

Anyone know the shortcut to go to a particular slide number in edit mode? [Reply]

Comment #4: by tereda on 12/13/2011:

is this power point shortcut can help students like me?? is this is correct ?? [Reply]

Comment #3: by James on 4/6/2011:

NM. it's alt, h, g, a ... not quite as easy as before, but at least they didn't kill the functionality... [Reply]

Comment #2: by James on 4/6/2011:

Does anyone the shortcut to align a selected object on a page? In the older version of ppt it was alt, r, a and then you could select whether to align relative to the slide or align relative to the other selected objects. I just upgraded to 2007 and i can't figure it out, appreciate any help. thanks! [Reply]

Comment #1: by knd on 3/10/2011:

On my PP2007 (winXP) :rnCtrl+Shift+H decreases font sizernctrl+Shift+K increases font size [Reply]

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