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Comment #27: by nlg on 7/10/2015:

What is the option to navigate to previous page in current window like the back button in windows? (...and please don't say "cmd-arrow key", because it is not working in safari.) What is the option to navigate to the top of the page and end of the page? [Reply]

Reply by Yents on 12/1/2015:

Use command + left arrow to go back one page within the tab. Use command + right arrow to go to the next page within the tab. Hope this helped.

Reply by marty zaluski on 11/21/2015:

just checking out mac OS, and i'm looking for this too! can't believe it can't be done.

Comment #24: by Jim on 1/3/2015:

How do I get safari keybord yo unsplit. [Reply]

Comment #23: by rsbrux on 12/9/2014:

Most of these don't work for me on an ipad 3 running iOS 7 with a Kensignton Bluetooth keyboard. For example, tab switching, reopen tab, hide window and new tab do not work. The only one I found that worked was close tab. [Reply]

Reply by SaphrynShikaze on 1/27/2015:

Hey rsbrux, These shortcuts are meant for the Safari Browser on OS X. I think the main reason for that is the fact that bluetooth keyboard makers are not regulated to include all of the required keys you would find on a Mac, such as [Option], [fn], [alt], etc. A great idea would be for Apple to launch an official "umbrella certification" program for companies like Logitech and others so they can comply with keyboard, AirPlay, DRM rules that apply to Apple products across the board. Tim Cook, get on it! lol.

Comment #21: by seonag on 11/11/2014:

Switching tabs works fine as described...but when I get to my yahoo email it doesn't. Once I reach the yahoo page, using command & shift & left or right arrow just results in navigating round the yahoo page, switching from one message to the next....Does anyone have any solution to this?????
Thanks! [Reply]

Reply by SaphrynShikaze on 1/27/2015:

Hey seonag. So I tried the whole Yahoo! Mail thing, and you're absolutely right. The solution: use [control]+[tab] to move to the next tab and [shift]+[control]+[tab] to move to the previous. I think these shortcuts work even better than [shift]+[⌘]+[left/right] for two reasons: 1) they're textbox proof, and 2) they're one handed operations ;). Hope that helps!

Comment #19: by Evan on 10/20/2014:

how do i click on a link, on a web age, and open the link i clicked in another tab.

Example: on windows- you right click on the link and choose the option "open in new tab" [Reply]

Reply by SaphrynShikaze on 1/27/2015:

Hey Evan. It's [⌘]+click. To open in a new tab AND have the screen switch to the tab you opened, add shift, like this: [⌘]+[shift]+click. Have shortcutting ;).

Comment #17: by Kiran on 8/21/2014:

What is the option to navigate to previous page in current window??? like it is back button in windows which takes you to previous page...

reply please [Reply]

Reply by alan on 9/4/2014:

cmd-arrow key

Comment #15: by Micke on 7/31/2014:

Switch tab is Command-Shift-Left Arrow/Command-Shift-Right Arrow for me. I'm on OS X 10.9.4.

/Micke [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/31/2014:

Noted and fixed. Thanks!

Comment #13: by SHERRY on 2/20/2014:


Comment #12: by eartherian on 12/9/2013:

In IE, Ctrl + Enter is used to add "www" as a prefix and ".com" as suffix.
What is the similar shortcut in Safari? Or in Mac OS X in general? [Reply]

Comment #11: by mcanic on 8/28/2013:

"Hold option when clicking Back button" should be "Hold command when clicking Back button" [Reply]

Comment #10: by Poster on 5/15/2013:

switch tabs with cmd+shift+[ ... that's bullshit, how would you do this ??? [ is alt+shift+5 , and that doesn't work with cmd+shift ... [Reply]

Reply by Ben on 2/23/2014:

Why are you swearing for?
I am very offended. x

Comment #8: by Tom on 3/14/2013:

Is there a way to add "www." and ".com" to something in the address bar, like Command-Enter in FireFox? e.g. I type "yahoo" and Command-blah and it takes me to instead of doing a google search for yahoo. [Reply]

Reply by MerleOne on 7/23/2013:

it seems that adding a / at the end, like in yahoo/ does the trick most of the times

Comment #6: by David on 4/2/2012:

Hi there. I'm looking for a shortcut to hide the address bar in Safari. You have command + shift + down, but this does not work. Thanks. [Reply]

Reply by Ashly on 1/29/2013:

It's Option Command T

Comment #4: by Isaac on 2/16/2012:

Option + cmd + u - View source
Seems not available in Safari 5.1.3 [Reply]

Reply by Isaac on 2/16/2012:

sorry, it works

Comment #2: by Scott on 8/11/2011:

just an FYI on Command-V is paste, not Command B.

Great site, btw! [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 8/11/2011:

Thanks! fixed the Safari shortcut

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