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Comment #35: by Aswathy on 1/19/2018:

It was really helpful... Thanks... [Reply]

Comment #34: by kheckler on 3/1/2017:

Ctrl+Shift+M - Add import Also converts static member reference to a static import when highlighted [Reply]

Comment #33: by Adrian on 1/21/2017:

Nice job! [Reply]

Comment #32: by Jörg on 12/31/2016:

helpful and really nice done! Thanks for that a lot!! [Reply]

Comment #31: by Fiodor on 11/24/2016:

You can add to your shortcuts list: Ctrl + Shift + "+" - zoom the text in Ctrl + Shift + "-" - zoom the text out [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 1/7/2017:

added; thx.

Comment #29: by sailaza on 3/26/2015:

plz derive all shortcuts there is nothing about commenting [Reply]

Comment #28: by subbusimple on 3/16/2015:

it'e very helpfull ...!!! [Reply]

Comment #27: by Uwe on 12/16/2014:

Two corrections: Ctrl+U Find occurrences of expression in current file --> Should be Ctrl+Shift+U Ctrl+Shift+C Change method signature (with method name selected) --> Should be Alt+Shift+C [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 11/29/2015:

fixed; sorry this took forever; i usually get notified on comments and I probably overlooked this one; but better late than never...

Comment #25: by on 9/27/2014:

how cani start my disktop imedetly pl give shotcut [Reply]

Comment #24: by owen on 9/20/2014:

please add eclipse for mac please. [Reply]

Comment #23: by Uma on 9/19/2014:

Its very useful. Thanks a lot.. [Reply]

Comment #22: by sravani on 7/24/2014:

very useful. thanks a lot [Reply]

Comment #21: by Edilson Alves de Oliveira on 4/16/2014:

very good [Reply]

Comment #20: by Ashe on 4/15/2014:

Great! Just a couple of things I've noticed:"Cut, copy and paste" should be "Copy, cut and paste" Also at the top of the page, the tag Platform: Windows / English links to http://localhost/show_all.php?sb=all&l=en&p=wininstead of [Reply]

Comment #19: by linearclassifier on 4/4/2014:

Great site - ctrl-F7 to switch views was just what I was looking for. Are there keystrokes to go direct to each view though (editor, package explorer, console, etc.)? [Reply]

Comment #18: by Narayana on 1/29/2014:

Very Useful.Thanks [Reply]

Comment #17: by bheem on 12/31/2013:

very nice job............. [Reply]

Comment #16: by Krishna on 11/14/2013:

Nice Collection.Thanks for sharing this with us.
~Krishna [Reply]

Comment #15: by Wolfgang on 9/7/2013:

Anyone knows if its possible to move selection ( not comlete line) left or right ?? [Reply]

Reply by Addy on 6/26/2014:

Oh,you mean how to move the selected part??
Just select what you want then go for Cut/Copy shortcut mahn!!

Reply by Addy on 6/26/2014:

Its right there..Ctr+Shift+Left/Right ->If you want to select word by word in a line.(slower but precise)
Shift+Left/Right-> to go letter by letter.(faster)

Comment #12: by Akimi on 8/5/2013:

It's really useful..Thanks a lot..:) [Reply]

Comment #11: by Lucky on 6/26/2013:

eclipse shorts are really useful

thank you,
Lucky. [Reply]

Comment #10: by teeonx on 11/11/2012:

CTRL+F2 - Stop debugCTRL+R - Run to line [Reply]

Comment #9: by Vikas Tandon on 11/2/2012:

Nice job!
Its really Helpful. [Reply]

Comment #8: by Lance on 4/25/2012:

+1 for Alt+Shift+A Block Select. I have shown this to quite a few people who were not aware of it. Very useful. [Reply]

Comment #7: by Rana on 2/16/2012:

Nice job!
Its really Helpful. [Reply]

Comment #6: by Ty Connell on 1/18/2012:

Nice work. Alt-Shift-A (rectangle / region select) is available in Eclipse >= 3.5 (?). It's useful in some situations. [Reply]

Comment #5: by eldariof on 1/12/2012:

Lacks useful shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down: Duplicate current line or selection up or down [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 1/12/2012:

thanks; keys added.

Comment #3: by Abiel on 10/28/2011:

Good job. clean look. I like the buttoned look of the shortcuts. nice! [Reply]

Comment #2: by KARTHICK on 2/9/2011:

really useful [Reply]

Reply by saleh on 5/10/2014:

fuck u
this shortcut exists in eclipse documention

not good

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