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Comment #46: by Muhammad Dawood on 4/23/2020:

Thank You Sooooo Much... Love from Pakistan.... [Reply]

Comment #45: by duck on 2/20/2017:

F6 changes focus between address bar, bookmarks bar and webpage. Not just address bar and webpage. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 2/21/2017:


Comment #43: by Sigurd on 12/22/2016:

As #23: Alt+D, then F6, does not open bookmarks? [Reply]

Reply by tallat ali on 1/11/2019:

That is not working???

Reply by bernd on 12/29/2016:

fixed; you are correct. that no longer works.

Comment #40: by Dan Huang on 3/1/2016:

Seems useful, but how come some characters seem Persian instead of alphabets (chapter 1, 9 and parts of 7 and and 8)? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 3/7/2016:

fixed; Thanks for pointing this out; this fell through the cracks. Somebody edited the master english page instead of a local translated page. sorry.

Comment #38: by IteUrsi on 10/31/2015:

I use a Chromebook. The keyboard does not have many of the dedicated navigation and F keys, such as Home, End, Page Up, etc. These keys are found in this list of shortcuts. Is there another comparable collection of shortcuts for the Chromebook keyboard? [Reply]

Comment #37: by JohnDohe on 9/23/2015:

What is the simplest, single key to press to move the cursor into the search field of a google home page in chrome browser. Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, Chrome Version 45.0.2454.99 m Thanks! [Reply]

Comment #36: by -nei1- on 6/29/2015:

So much aggravation that the Chrome menu provides no way to close a single tab (Ctrl-W works for me; thanks). That is, until you come to this fine, long list of keyboard shortcuts, and keyboard shortcuts are faster than mousing, with a little practice. Now, I've got almost a hundred shortcuts; oy vai. Easiest to learn one keyboard shortcut at a time, as I realize I need it. Ctrl-D your list. -neil- [Reply]

Comment #35: by gotjosh on 6/25/2015:

Hello, Thanks for your useful compilation of Chrome Shortcuts! I found what i was looking for but it does not work exactly as you say: In the Address Bar: Alt-Enter - performs search in new tab (not adding www. and .com) Which is exactly what i was looking for! cheers, [Reply]

Comment #34: by WXB on 3/8/2015:

Per Google Chrome Help - Keyboard shortcuts ( Linux/Windows "Ctrl+Shift+D Saves all open pages as bookmarks in a new folder." Mac "⌘-Shift-D Saves all open pages as bookmarks in a new folder." P.S. Thanks for the lists! [Reply]

Comment #33: by Sarah on 1/27/2015:

Cntl-W now closes the whole window, not just the tab on Chrome for Mac. (Very annoying!) [Reply]

Comment #32: by dae on 1/23/2015:

When on the main page, you can activate the microphone in the search box with Control+Shift+. (a period). (verified in Win7) [Reply]

Comment #31: by Justin on 12/5/2014:

The "up" links at the top of each section span the entire length of the table. I clicked one by accident and lost my place on the page. It was slightly annoying. I feel like the links should only surround the text and the up arrow icon. It's upsetting to click on a spot on the page (with seemingly nothing there) to set focus to my browser and accidentally click a link. Just sayin. This would make your site better IMHO. I'm using Chrome in case it makes a difference. [Reply]

Reply by mithunabcd on 6/17/2015:

very nice shortcut

Reply by bernd on 12/14/2014:

Hi Justin, good feedback and thanks for letting me know. Fixed it. sorry this took a while.

Comment #28: by Steve on 11/23/2014:

The guide says:
Alt+F4 Close current window

That is not correct, that closes Chrome. To close only the open Window you need control +W [Reply]

Comment #27: by Nigel on 11/19/2014:

Say I do a search on Google or a search on any shopping website for that matter and end up with 100s of pages to look at, is there a short cut to go to the "next page"? its a nuisance having to relocate my mouse over the "next page" button all the time especially as they move around all the time. [Reply]

Comment #26: by Will on 8/6/2014:

I use CTRL+SHIFT+O quite a bit as well .. Bookmark manager. Great list, thanks!! [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 8/6/2014:

noted and added. thankjs!

Comment #24: by Priyanka on 7/19/2014:

really very nice guide.... [Reply]

Comment #23: by Derek on 5/15/2014:

The "alt + d, then f6" to jump to bookmarks bar is not working. I push either alt + d, or f6 and they both jump to address bar. If i push them again, it doesn't do anything. [Reply]

Comment #22: by champ lucifer on 4/5/2014:

good information....really helpful [Reply]

Comment #21: by vishalg on 3/13/2014:

its very nic hatts off
to our cse tech [Reply]

Comment #20: by ankit on 2/28/2014:

shorcut keys r really helpfulllllllllll [Reply]

Comment #19: by rvhvryh on 1/21/2014:

What is the keyboard shortcut for javascript [Reply]

Comment #18: by Sandeep on 1/9/2014:

Great job. I enjoyed reading it and experimented every single shortcut. Loving it!!! [Reply]

Reply by bhavya on 2/28/2014:

very good job and very helpful sortcut keys thank u

Comment #16: by r1ckr011 on 9/4/2013:

Cool site! Very excellent material!

Any idea how to disable certain shortcuts? I don't want them stomping on top of my custom extension shortcuts :/ [Reply]

Comment #15: by jaideep on 8/10/2013:

great job.. [Reply]

Comment #14: by ranga the DL on 6/9/2013:

awe...... keep it up dude!!!!!! [Reply]

Comment #13: by Alex on 6/4/2013:

Your site is helpfull, thanks a lot! [Reply]

Comment #12: by muyexi on 5/11/2013:

Great site,thanks a million. [Reply]

Comment #11: by priya on 4/15/2013:

grt job [Reply]

Comment #10: by JoseL on 7/19/2012:

Ctrl-k also works for making a search in the bar. Same as Ctrl-e [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/20/2012:

added; thx!

Comment #8: by vector090 on 6/30/2012:

Add 2 cents:

Ctrl-G for continue search even if search box is closed [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/7/2012:

Thanks! added to the list.

Comment #6: by jeff on 3/22/2012:

The Win tab isn't working...
Otherwise, very useful. Thank you. [Reply]

Reply by jeff on 3/22/2012:

The "Win tab" I was referring to was via the Chrome shortcuts tab...

... though, I was able to access it by going to the menu on the left:
Platforms > Windows Shortcuts > Chrome

Comment #4: by Joe Piervincenti on 2/5/2012:

I'm trying to find shortcuts to toggle through the bookmarks toolbar or how to create them. Thanks. [Reply]

Reply by Sandeep on 1/9/2014:

Press Esc and then again use arrow keys to toggle

Comment #2: by ahpuyz on 1/27/2012:

This is great !!! Thanks a lot!!! [Reply]

Comment #1: by prabhakar on 10/28/2011:

urs information is good
excellent work [Reply]

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