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Comment #20: by Monty56 on 6/14/2020:

Shortcuts always make the work easier and effective. I have found great help here to improve my Photoshop skills on Mac. I always love such websites which provide helpful content to make our lives easier that is why I am keep coming to this website. I would also like to mention about blog ( where I also found lots of useful information about Mac. [Reply]

Comment #19: by Jan on 12/5/2016:

Thank you, Bernd, this is very helpfull for soemone who still works with the old CS4 version. :) There is one thing I am trying to find out but it's hard to google up because I don't even know the appropriate terms. There are shortcuts that permanently bring up a tool in Photoshop. For example "H" brings up the hand tool and it stays active. So "H" is the shortcut key for the hand tool. When I press space it brings up the hand tool too, but only for as long as I press it. How do you call the latter sort of keys to differ between both? Essentially I am trying to find out if it's possible to define these keys in Photoshop. It would be very handy not to have to switch tools all the time but to be able to temorarily switch to the magic wand tool for example and stay with a brush as you let go the key. I guess it isn't possible. Any idea anyone? [Reply]

Comment #18: by George on 8/19/2013:

There are mistakes in the 500+ adobe photoshop shortcuts list. Select next/previous layer says "or"... what is that? is supposed to say option+[ or ] same with move layer up/down command+[ or ]. Thanks. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 9/16/2013:

Thanks for pointing this out. Fixed and also cleaned up a few other mistakes.

Comment #16: by rashid manzoor on 3/26/2013:

thanx for telling to every one these formulas, & short keys [Reply]

Comment #15: by Federico on 3/16/2013:

Fantastic collection of shortcuts, best I have seen so far. Your site is extremely useful, particularly because you cover the various platforms. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will grow this.
Any chance of including Adobe Illustrator shortcuts in the future? [Reply]

Reply by Federico on 3/16/2013:

Will join you to my links of my educational blog! Check it out if you like:

Comment #13: by ganpath on 2/21/2013:

Very nice Details.I worked with two PC as you given this short cut.
Something i can't get in my PS.
Ok ,i try it after sometimes.
Thanks Friends [Reply]

Comment #12: by mdsajjadsaleem on 11/26/2012:

hello aney one plz show the photoshop 7.0 shortcut key plz this is my id
i m waiting for your massage and comments [Reply]

Comment #11: by Char on 1/31/2012:

thank u so much for this. must have been hours of work. [Reply]

Comment #10: by FreeSpirit on 1/12/2012:

Thx !!!! [Reply]

Comment #9: by mukesh jain on 11/11/2011:

thanks so much yaar......!!!!!
well laid out...clean and ultimate osummm////////// [Reply]

Comment #8: by Rajesh Vaishnav on 10/11/2011:

In Photoshop CS5 On Full Screen Mode Shortcuts are not working ? any solution for this problem. reply must. Thanks [Reply]

Comment #7: by Nick on 4/29/2011:

Is there a keyboard shortcut for shadow and highlights in CS5. Looked to create one under keyboard shortcuts/under adjustments, but it's not there. Help. [Reply]

Comment #6: by Girish on 4/1/2011:

Ctrl+Enter [Reply]

Comment #5: by Henrik on 3/24/2011:

@sanjay: To activate the select tool, press M [Reply]

Comment #4: by Bern Ruelas on 3/10/2011:

Good work. You've got them all, well laid out...clean and efficient. Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #3: by sanjay kuamr on 2/28/2011:

tell me shortcut for make selction in photoshop 7 [Reply]

Comment #2: by sanjay kumar on 2/28/2011:

what is keyboard shortcut for make selection. Please reply me soon. [Reply]

Reply by Char on 1/31/2012:

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