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I appreciate and welcome any feedback (positive and negative), feature requests, bug reports. I am looking forward to hear from you!

Comment #187: by DP. on 8/30/2019:

Ctrl+N is missing in Windows-10-File-Explorer. There is no need to use the listed "Alt+F, then N" hack to "Duplicate Explorer Window". Great shortcuts. Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #186: by itsdpkbnsd on 7/29/2019:

Hi, Please add windows 8.1 pro & windows 10 pro windows shortcuts & run commands.. [Reply]

Comment #185: by RAMESH KUMAR on 6/21/2019:

Its useful site...created by you. Tnq. [Reply]

Comment #184: by alex20850 on 4/9/2019:

In the list for Excel 2016, next is spelled bext. [Shift]+[F4] Find bext (with search box closed) [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 4/10/2019:

fixed. thank you!

Comment #182: by shudan54 on 2/8/2019:

Newbie here. Context: My OS is Linux Mint 17.3. I'm also a Linux newbie. I want to become a freelance transcriptionist. The industry standard media player (Express Scribe), which purports to override MS Word's function keys with its own definitions so you can control the player while typing in Word, doesn't work with LibreOffice Writer. I've found no comparable player that works and I came across your site. .. I entered the desired function key definitions/assignments for the Linux LibreOffice Media Player, then saved and submitted the file for approval. But I don't understand how my definitions will translate to the desired functionality. Do you - or someone else - write code to accomplish this? E.g., I want F3 to rewind the media file 5 seconds. How will this happen? .. Or do I need to figure out how to write my own macros within LibreOffice? [Reply]

Comment #181: by 1offguy on 10/24/2018:

Hello - How can we copy a page? e.g. When there is a new version of the software that is moderately different from the original version... J [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 10/24/2018:

Hi – go to the editor, switch to ‘XML’ mode, copy the XML content, then paste it into a new page. Hope that helps!

Comment #179: by Hal.s on 4/24/2018:

The security gurus keep harping on making passwords as strong as possible, generally suggesting the inclusion of numbers, capitol letters, and SYMBOLS. I am always a bit dismayed when I see no allowance for symbols or a limited sysmbol list, as I automatically include some symbols and I have my favorites. [Reply]

Comment #178: by AndyGett on 4/23/2018:

Your remote desktop short cuts lists Alt-Del for "Displays the Windows menu." which is exactly what I was looking for. You might add "equals standard desktop Alt+Space". [Reply]

Comment #177: by Chandan1508 on 4/5/2018:

Realy this site very excellent working for users,also I proud on this site developer Very very thank you for developed the shortcut site [Reply]

Comment #176: by Bokonon on 11/23/2017:

The site is a great idea -- but I cannot get it to work. I have tried to open various short-cut lists in different ways including the prompted "CONTROL+LEFT CLICK". This gives me a "prohibited" message and says "contact administrator." What am I doing wrong? [Reply]

Comment #175: by mrodent on 7/6/2017:

Also... tried downloading the .ods versions for Gnome and Linux: got "incorrect format" and couldn't open them. Current LO Calc version is How about a .csv version? Can't go too wrong with that! [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/7/2017:

Hi, thanks for letting me know. let me look into this, i have some other pressing matters not fully working, but i will put this on my list.

Comment #173: by mrodent on 7/6/2017:

Thanks for this site idea. Bit of a keyboard fanatic, just making the switch to Linux. More specifically I hate being forced to use the mouse for a non-mouse task! [Reply]

Comment #172: by ram chandra giri on 5/11/2017:

There is no about shortcut key for download .Please tell me the shortcut key for download. [Reply]

Comment #171: by gravanoc on 1/18/2017:

Hello! I appreciate your site and am working on a Poser 11 Standard & Pro hotkey page. I already have them all mapped out, so I just need to keep focused on the translation from Excel to here. I wanted to draw your attention to a minor typo. I have no problem with it, but figured you might want to know because it is a bit unfortunate :) While adding tags after clicking Add Page there is an option for 3D Craphics rather than Graphics. I'll let you know if I find anything else. -Scott [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 1/19/2017:

Hi Scott, Thank you, and fixed. Also if you transfer from Excel to the Shortcut Page Editor, remember you can COPY AND PASTE a complete category with unlimited shortcuts/description at a time, so do not waste time retyping or copying a single description at at time. In Excel, simply have shortcuts in first column, description in second, multiple rows. Selecting 2 columns any number of rows, and copy to clipboard. Then go into the first field in editor, and paste. It will add all shortcuts directly into ShortcutWorld Editor. In Clipboard, Excel treats cells next to each other as tabs, and rows as line-breaks. The Editor captures the tabs and line-breaks and transforms them allowing to paste a complete category. It takes me usually less than 2 minutes getting my list from Excel to the Shortcutworld Editor

Comment #169: by alex20850 on 10/30/2016:

While I am not blind, I am working on a list of Excel 2010+ keyboard commands since those are very helpful for blind users. You should promote your site to groups like American Association of Blind Teachers at [Reply]

Reply by deshetty on 4/2/2017:

Hi. I am a beginner teacher for the blind and visually impaired. I am looking for iOS and Android touch gestures for smartphones. If anyone can share anything related, I would appreciate it. I began to share all of Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer shortcuts from this site with my students. Thank you all for your work.

Comment #167: by alex20850 on 10/30/2016:

This site has some shortcuts that are in German. [Reply]

Comment #166: by alex20850 on 10/30/2016:

There is a large number of shortcuts (Ctrl+S) and keyboard commands (Alt,F,S) at [Reply]

Comment #165: by Ronesha, McDowell on 8/29/2016:

I found this very usefull and I fell can really help in the future. [Reply]

Comment #164: by Siba on 8/3/2016:

Please add download features for PDF and excel sheet [Reply]

Comment #163: by Jay Gopani on 8/1/2016:

Please Check your Email Address............. one BUG in Your Web Site.......................... [Reply]

Comment #162: by Tom on 7/3/2016:

Great job. [Reply]

Comment #161: by el joe on 6/26/2016:

great site keep up the good work used it for civ 5 short cuts [Reply]

Comment #160: by sHRIKANT on 6/18/2016:


Comment #159: by Deirdre on 5/3/2016:

Non tekky writer who only learns things on a need-to-know basis (shoulder injury, my apple keyboard shortcuts now v important). - I registered simply to say thank you, thank you for such an informative site that seems generous in its scope. I'll pass the word on to my friends and look forward to learning more here. Thank you. Deirdre [Reply]

Comment #158: by Linda Wingerter on 4/8/2016:

You need to add WIN +M to minimize the current screen. A lot of the games I play do not have the minimize/maximize symbols in the corner. [Reply]

Comment #157: by 1offguy on 3/29/2016:

Firstly congratulations on an excellent, highly useful site! What would make it way WAY more useful, would be if, having logged in, the individual user could: A) Visually 'mark up' the individual hotkeys that he/she was planning to learn next. (i.e. with a bright yellow background highlight colour) B) One the individual user had eventually learned each hotkey, he/she could then *dim* the highlight colour (to e.g. a faded/less-bright yellow colour). This would make your site, much MUCH more useful to users. As it would: A) Help them quickly see which new hotkeys they were planning to use and therefore which ones to practise using, and B) Help them quickly find all the hotkeys that they had previously learned and which they had deemed to be important. HEAT MAP ALSO as a bonus you could then build up some sort of "heat map" showing which hotkeys were important to previous visitors. (e.g. using a button of varying shades of say Red colour at the start of each row). This would help users find what are *probably* the most useful and save time. AND the developers of the software in question would also find it very useful to know what features were being used more by their users. REVENUE I also suggest some form of revenue for this site. Maybe users could pay donations, or have some sort of "freemium" deal whereby adverts get removed if they pay something (but it would need to be something extremely small for a site like this. Say $5 /year?). You could also reward users - like me - in some way for making additions to the site... [Reply]

Comment #156: by MartinS on 3/23/2016:

Awesome site! [Reply]

Comment #155: by Barbara Taft on 12/28/2015:

I must be missing something. To get to the beginning of a doc, it says "Control" + "Home". I have a Vaio and I'm using Word 2013 and it's not working - not "Control" "Home" or "Control" "End", etc. [Reply]

Comment #154: by mhoney on 12/27/2015:

This is a really cool idea for a website and the layout is clean and easy to use, kudos! [Reply]

Comment #153: by PRABHAT TRIPATHI on 12/10/2015:

Aapne ye website suru krke saikaron nahi, lakho nhi, karono logo ki sahayata ki hai. aapka bahut bahut dhanyabad. Aur aeise hi janhit ke karya krte rho. Dhanyawad [Reply]

Comment #152: by Dhandapani on 10/2/2015:

One of the Best Collection of Shortcuts in the web Thank You [Reply]

Comment #151: by vewatson on 9/30/2015:

I would like to add Chromebook as a new platform. Is there any way to do this? [Reply]

Comment #150: by dancepig on 9/25/2015:

Thank you for this site! I have one suggestion (so far), please add the shortcut for nonbreaking spaces - [Ctrl]+[Shift]+Spacebar. [Reply]

Comment #149: by naveenkumar on 9/15/2015:

seems gud.,! [Reply]

Comment #148: by gnnthouna on 9/15/2015:

one of the best site who provide best shortcut to everyone.. [Reply]

Comment #147: by onlineworking1 on 7/23/2015:

Dear Admin, I wish to upgrade our account but account upgrade form country field not show my country name "Pakistan" Kindly take necessary action. Best regards, Farzand Ali [Reply]

Comment #146: by splinterteal on 6/30/2015:

i can't add a new page (Dreamweaver CC shortcuts) getting following error: "Application name can't be empty, larger than 50 characters, or contain special characters" [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 6/30/2015:

fixed;. minor hickup in the backend after weekend update. Really sorry about that!

Comment #144: by margaa on 6/26/2015:

Thank you very much! This is wonderful! Is it possible to add not just an application but OS as well? I would like to contribute shortcuts for the Chrome OS. [Reply]

Comment #143: by Brian on 6/19/2015:

Great website! It would be really great to have an easy way to integrate this site's search bar into google chrome! [Reply]

Comment #142: by Sharon on 5/25/2015:

I was thrilled to find your site. I write a lot of macros -- so I am always trying to find the correct key strokes to accomplish what I need. I've bookmarked your site and I'm sure I will be back. This is a priceless compilation...many thanks to all contributors! [Reply]

Comment #141: by Vinod Kumar on 5/25/2015:

This website is very helpful for me because in past day i don't know some shortcut but this website learned to me many shortcuts key now really i Thank full to this website [Reply]

Comment #140: by Agam Prakash Sharma on 1/6/2015:

Its marvellous attempt. Liked the line - millions will get benefitted. Thanx and keep it up Regards [Reply]

Comment #139: by hairunnisa on 12/1/2014:

thank u for information [Reply]

Comment #138: by thrinath_v on 11/24/2014:

Really very great job.... good to have a site like this for shortcuts makes the jobs simple and easy. Thanks for the work. [Reply]

Comment #137: by Thuy on 10/27/2014:

Very useful! Clearly organised!!! [Reply]

Comment #136: by sudheer on 10/24/2014:

thanks .....simple and well organized [Reply]

Comment #135: by muralir2710 on 10/13/2014:

Hi Team

I find the short cut usefull but these shortcut keys are more in general.Can you please share advanced short cut keys like copy paste special values


MuraliR [Reply]

Comment #134: by Harry Bisht on 8/12/2014:

great job best of luck [Reply]

Comment #133: by MJ M on 7/18/2014:

Nice - great job [Reply]

Comment #132: by Manthan on 5/5/2014:

Very useful site. Actually learned something from this. Thank you :) [Reply]

Comment #131: by Nitin. Sisodiya. on 5/4/2014:

Ye site bahut-2 better it's amazing this site [Reply]

Comment #130: by viji on 4/28/2014:

i like this website,very useful thank you... [Reply]

Comment #129: by Sumeet on 4/28/2014:

Good one. Very Userful [Reply]

Comment #128: by surendra on 4/16/2014:

Hi, I am Surendra from India(Andhra Pradesh), 29 yrs of age, i like this website which is very helpful to speedup my work. i would like to learn more and more as in excel no one can say i am perfect, its really fantastic for e learning. [Reply]

Comment #127: by sachin_excel on 4/11/2014:

Hi, I am sachin an SAP Consultant, 28 yrs of age, i like this website which is very helpful to speedup my work. i would like to learn more and more as in excel no one can say i am perfect, its really fantastic for e learning..... [Reply]

Comment #126: by Meem Tek on 4/10/2014:

Great work specially Inpage, Photoshop, Firefox shortcuts, I need very much [Reply]

Comment #125: by scarr on 3/21/2014:

Very nice layout!

Do you know how to overwrite an existing shortcut? Or even how to find a vacant CTRL+_ key to use to record a new macro? [Reply]

Reply by scarr on 3/21/2014:

I found Tools->Customize-->Commands
It has a button "Modify Selection" but it is grayed out so I can't use it to change.

Comment #123: by Nouf on 3/6/2014:

I never expected these much shortcuts are hiding in variety of applications. Thanks a lot, too much helpful [Reply]

Comment #122: by RichardC on 3/4/2014:

On the Windows 8 Start Screen you can also use Ctrl - and Ctrl + to shrink / enlarge the view (equivalent to clicking the - in the bottom right corner). This also works in the App list. [Reply]

Comment #121: by anthony lucchese on 2/28/2014:

how would you delete some bookmarks on a macbook 2,1 mac osx 10.4.11 I have too many bookmarks and want to delete some [Reply]

Comment #120: by Damien* on 2/27/2014:

Thank you so much for putting all these KSCs in a compact pdf format for our use. Trying to build this from what is available on MS website and many others that offer 'great KSCs in Win 7" and leave us...going to their website to look them up because they're completely unprintable...has been an utter waste of my time.

YOU are Absolutely a most responsible member of the web community. My kudos to you! [Reply]

Comment #119: by Len on 2/25/2014:

Just more accolades! Thanks.
BTW I searched MS "help" tool first. What a misnomer, not help, not a tool either! It makes one wonder. MS seems to be trying to wean its users from many of the former useful tools by obscuring the tools and the info about them - in general.
This is great, simple clean and effective. [Reply]

Comment #118: by David on 2/19/2014:

Bernd, a shortcut I think you've missed. When typing a formula, Excel offers a drop down list of funtions. Arrow down to the function you want a TAB to insert it into the formula. [Reply]

Comment #117: by salman khan on 2/11/2014:

helpful website [Reply]

Comment #116: by SallyJoJo on 2/3/2014:

Thanks so much!! Very helpful, my wrists and shoulders appreciate it! :) [Reply]

Comment #115: by Hector the Crow on 1/26/2014:

just wanted to say thanks for providing these useful lists [Reply]

Comment #114: by dayanand sharma on 1/19/2014:

thanks to you...
plz add the linux Shell?? [Reply]

Comment #113: by panle on 12/5/2013:

please restore the shortcut of eclipse in windows [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/6/2013:

fixed; not sure how that happened but all Shortcuts without explicit versioning weren't visible. Adjusted setting in backend database. sorry for that.

Comment #111: by Karthikeya on 12/2/2013:

good work and very useful for my day to day job. thanks much. keep going... [Reply]

Comment #110: by Wesley Steinbrink on 11/20/2013:

Great idea. Been looking for something like this for a while. I will put this on my website

Also for the vi shortcuts (vi is actually combinations of single letter shortcuts in the normal mode)
Your vi shortcuts need to mention normal mode versus insert mode.
Some good links are
(note the link to more vi books)
and for using as a plugin for emacs (scalpal on top of swiss army knife) [Reply]

Reply by Wesley Steinbrink on 11/20/2013:

You do have a mention of normal to insert mode. Didn't catch that. Good job.

Comment #108: by AR-Maik on 11/14/2013:

SUPERB , MINDBLOWNG WARK ........ God bless you. I'm happy to join you. i like that and appreciate you.

Best of luck for next updation................. [Reply]

Comment #107: by opacheco on 11/11/2013:

thanks for your help.... awesome! It's very useful... [Reply]

Comment #106: by ActionParsnip on 11/10/2013:

Unity is a shell for the Gnome desktop, a plugin for Compiz. It is not a desktop environment [Reply]

Comment #105: by AnimeFans on 11/9/2013:

its great,and simple to learn btw thanks a lot [Reply]

Comment #104: by S.manikandan on 11/5/2013:

It is Very Useful [Reply]

Comment #103: by arun on 10/30/2013:

Your postingr are really helpful. So keep posting and keep on posting. Thanks a ton :) [Reply]

Comment #102: by shikha jain on 10/29/2013:

sir in microsoft excel how can i shift from home to insert, next to next option without using mouse in menu bar. plz send the shortcut keys to do that [Reply]

Comment #101: by Malik Asad on 10/3/2013:

great work bro goooood luck [Reply]

Comment #100: by omid on 9/28/2013:

The Best... Goooooooood luck [Reply]

Comment #99: by JBRO on 9/25/2013:

THanks for the Win 7 shortcuts.
I was looking for a way to get to the pinned items on my taskbar (ie a specific spreadsheet in excel).
I knew that dragging down with the mouse was the motion but I couldnt figure it out as a keyboard shortcut because Win+n (n a number 1-0) directly opens that item and with Shift key it opens a new item. I was hoping Ctrl would do something but it didnt .

So far from your guide I have found that Win+t followed by navigating to the desired item then pressing the windows menu key will provide the same function. A few more steps than I was hoping but still better than trying to use the mouse.

IF you know of a shortcut that would be awesome but I dont expect it to be there. [Reply]

Comment #98: by Yogesh on 9/25/2013:

It's a very good site for shortcut Keys.
Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #97: by sudarsanam on 9/23/2013:

i have registered but i couldnt find the activation token and cant get logged in??? how can i get that now????????????? please help as i like this page i wanted to become a member...... [Reply]

Comment #96: by HarryM on 9/16/2013:

Hah! i found it! I have to: -
Ctrl + u first to Edit the active cell and position the insertion point at the end of the line [Reply]

Comment #95: by Ganesh on 8/17/2013:

Very good and important info is gathered here and its very useful to many and I will also keep posting some info which I have got with me to share to all. [Reply]

Comment #94: by Rose on 8/5/2013:

wow wow wow this is AMAZING thank you so so so much!!!! [Reply]

Comment #93: by BobbyG on 8/1/2013:

This site is fabulous! I'll be sharing it in all my training classes:) THANK YOU [Reply]

Comment #92: by NAVI on 7/25/2013:

Very Useful... [Reply]

Comment #91: by vikas on 7/20/2013:

It's a very useful website [Reply]

Reply by Mahammadshafig on 7/23/2013:

It's a very useful website!

Comment #89: by Mohd Quassim Pasha on 7/18/2013:

Thank you sir for sent as earlier mentioned short cut keys 2007 and 2010
i want u to request for could u send the screen wise short cut keys or which website do i refer [Reply]

Comment #88: by Kay Sea on 7/15/2013:

Came across your site while looking for Access 2010 keyboard shortcuts. Well aren't you a cold beer, a bag of chips, and all that! Nice printouts for handy reference too. Thanks! [Reply]

Comment #87: by jbd on 7/2/2013:

thank you!! been looking for this to help me solve the 'what did I just do?!?!!' mysteries. Thank you! [Reply]

Comment #86: by Tom S on 7/1/2013:

I woke up this AM thinking I wonder if there is a shortcut to rotate a brush in PS CS5? Yeah I know - I'm not all there - LOL. But imagine while in a brush stroke it's time to rotate the brush. Any shortcut for that?? [Reply]

Comment #85: by shankar s on 6/15/2013:

thank u for ur shortcut keys it is very use full to every one.
thanks once again. [Reply]

Comment #84: by Roel on 6/14/2013:

Thank you SO MUCH for this, it will speed up my work substantially. [Reply]

Comment #83: by CESAR BENITEZ on 6/2/2013:


Comment #82: by snk on 5/28/2013:

there is no words to praise you...again if u can post that " how to switch between one sheet to another in excel" will be best....snkk [Reply]

Comment #81: by Nilesh on 5/24/2013:

It realy very usefull..............!!!
Thanks a lot.....!!!!!!!! [Reply]

Comment #80: by venky on 5/24/2013:

great work done byn
short cut world, thanks for sharing the knowledge [Reply]

Comment #79: by Lizzybluts on 5/16/2013:

I stumbled on to this site and am blown away by the awesome information you have posted. Thank you! [Reply]

Comment #78: by smshatters on 5/3/2013:

Brilliant! This is exactly what I was looking for, and it couldn't be anymore organized.

But in the Select Text section for select current word, I found that ctrl + w opens a tab for Visual Studio MSDN. To select the word I used ctrl + shift + w [Reply]

Comment #77: by beijingcoder on 4/28/2013:

What about some applications like SecureCRT, Thanks! [Reply]

Comment #76: by newtonanbarasu on 4/22/2013:

awesome ... to see all shortcut keys with in one website . thanks you
best wishes to all your team members .great...!!! [Reply]

Comment #75: by Suzette on 4/19/2013:

Being a keyboard person, love this page. I didn't find the shortcut keys to save a document, such as: Alt+f+s on the page for Office. Maybe I missed it, maybe not. Either way, I thought I'd share, in case it was not there.

Love the page! [Reply]

Comment #74: by Asha on 4/19/2013:

Hi...Your shortcut keys are very useful [Reply]

Comment #73: by Sander Kelder on 4/16/2013:

Ctrl+w is actually ctrl+shift+w (Select current word) [Reply]

Comment #72: by dannio on 4/5/2013:

I'm having some trouble with the Excel 2010 Pivot table shortcuts - I can't get any of the ones that are supposed to move fields around from columns to rows, etc. (i.e. alt-c, alt-r, alt-d, etc.). Is there something I'm missing? What exactly are you supposed to have selected when you hit the buttons and should any settings be enabled/disabled? I am pretty good with my Excel shortcuts now, but Pivot Tables are the final frontier :) [Reply]

Comment #71: by yomahim on 3/29/2013:

It is very useful.gr8 worky fellowwww [Reply]

Comment #70: by Robin Paul on 3/27/2013:

Very nice helpful site. I was looking at the windows shortcut list which is very good on screen. However transfering to paper for reference while trying to remember the shortcuts dosen't look organised. It would be very useful if a printable version laid out for A4 with if possible each group per sheet. This would make finding the appropriate group list so much easier and more efficient to use. Thanks for your time and effort. [Reply]

Comment #69: by hugosenari on 2/28/2013:

Http API would be useful for developer.

Suggestion: Search API, CRUD API

For example, I will search site content direct from Kufper, Gnome Do or similar apps ( [Reply]

Comment #68: by kam on 2/16/2013:

good effot [Reply]

Comment #67: by Rajesh Kumar on 2/11/2013:

Very interesting shortcut key , very useful [Reply]

Comment #66: by Pooja on 2/8/2013:

It is very useful. But I could find the desktop shortcuts thread. Would appreciate if you would help me. [Reply]

Reply by Rajesh Prajapati on 2/11/2013:

window+d, do you want this?

Comment #64: by sangeetha on 2/5/2013:

its very useful to all [Reply]

Comment #63: by Richard on 1/24/2013:

Thanks, great site but I'm a newbie to shortcuts and don;t know how to interpret the instructions whenever there are multiple keys. For example "⌃+w" to close the document. Exactly what keys do I press? Clearly not Shift+6+w (which is how I would expect to get a ^ and a w together). Can you add clear instructions at the top of the site for people who don't understand even the basics of short cuts? Thank you, Richard [Reply]

Comment #62: by wrwarren on 1/17/2013:

This is a great utility for Microsoft products. My intention was to attach a reference *.pdf file for Adobe PDF shortcuts in the Adobe PDF navigation pane and move the focus there when I need to memorize. It nearly worked., bernd, had a function to download MS files in PDF. I wish there were such for Adobe XI. Adobe PDF will attach *.docx formats, so this ultimately worked.

Word 2010 Professional has no navigation pane as functional as Adobe PDF, best I can tell. Word does have a list base on heading styles in the navigation pane. But nothing like this attachment function in Adobe. So, is there anything I can do to promote a product for Adobe Acrobat? [Reply]

Comment #61: by Sathish on 1/17/2013:

Its great site to find keyboard shotcut keys....
Awesome........ [Reply]

Comment #60: by michlmac on 1/17/2013:

I like the site and hope to use it regularly but first time out I hit a bug. Hope you can clarify. I wanted to undo a strike-through and used ⌃+5. Since ^ relies on shift, it gives me ^ and nothing more. Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #59: by Bill on 1/12/2013:

Love your site - thanks so much - wil try too contribute. [Reply]

Comment #58: by Ajayveer Singh on 1/9/2013:

This is the excellent website for us thanxxxxxxxx [Reply]

Comment #57: by Nitish Verma on 1/9/2013:

Thanx for this website when we saw this website we little shocked and thanx for print command [Reply]

Comment #56: by BALA on 12/17/2012:

Thanks for your excellent work [Reply]

Comment #55: by TOONVEER on 12/7/2012:

Very informative website for learning point of view. [Reply]

Comment #54: by Fahad on 12/6/2012:

Infact good one but Cut and copy shortcut keys are same:) how is it possible.... [Reply]

Comment #53: by vishwambhar gupta on 11/28/2012:

i like use shortcut key i n spite of is very useful [Reply]

Comment #52: by Kick on 11/28/2012:

I just cannot make the "snapshot" shortcut to work - and sure enough it used to !
Any suggestions ? [Reply]

Comment #51: by Dhakshn on 11/28/2012:

Good one.. Is it possible to have some mainframe shortcuts also.. [Reply]

Comment #50: by thirumalai on 11/24/2012:

thanks a lot but one question how to create in short cut keys
.pls explain [Reply]

Comment #49: by garampin on 11/18/2012:

Good work and very professional very grateful. Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #48: by Richard on 11/17/2012:

Perfect site.
I discovered that Excel 2010 also keeps alternative Copy and Paste shortcuts from Linux world. Try Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert ! [Reply]

Comment #47: by Kim Brand on 11/17/2012:

This is the most useful/brief site I've found for Outlook! I collect these types of resources at I hope you won't mind if I post it there! [Reply]

Comment #46: by Daryl Talbot on 11/11/2012:

In AutoCAD there are actually two commands Explode and Xplode. Xplode allowing the rather useful ability to inherit the properties of the parent block. [Reply]

Comment #45: by Cris Radu on 11/10/2012:

Super! Very good job! [Reply]

Comment #44: by sateesh on 10/22/2012:

really very useful and helpful ......thnx so much [Reply]

Comment #43: by ladygogo on 10/21/2012:

Nice Shortcut page, very useful, just an error i found,
2. Moving and scrolling in a sheet or workbook
Ctrl+Page Down/ Ctrl+Page Up Move to the next sheet / to the previous sheet in the workbook

Nope, Its Opt + Arrow Right or Left [Reply]

Comment #42: by cuscus on 10/15/2012:

Had to copy what fedl wrote because it was written the way I was thinking: wow, just stumbled upon this site from a Google search. I must say I was impressed by it's simplicity and efficiency. I found more shortcuts than I will ever need. I could not find in Windows XP, in Word the shortcut key Ctrl y, if its there I am sorry but if it isn't its a very useful combination. If you made a change in your text and you want to repeat that change all you do is hit that key and bingo. [Reply]

Reply by scarr on 3/21/2014:

Ctrl-Y is good for repeatedly changing formats, i.e. bold, fonts, etc. - very handy!
in Vim the repeat key is . (dot) I use it all the time

Comment #40: by Alina on 10/3/2012:

Thank you so much! This is just what I was looking for. It will safe me lots of time at work..... now time to learn them ;) [Reply]

Comment #39: by Rick on 9/12/2012:

I found an error in the Select Cells section of 2. Work with Data Selections on
Let me know if you're interested. [Reply]

Comment #38: by tilak on 8/14/2012:

its really very helpful............

Thanks.. [Reply]

Reply by ANANTH K on 8/28/2012:

Good job I respect you and your job.
Thank you...................!

Comment #36: by catmat on 8/8/2012:

I have only been on your website for less than an hour, and I LOVE IT!
And what a Nice! job you have done!!
I am suprised I don't see more traffic!
Once again, great job!
Sooooo clean and fresh
your website design exemplifies the very
essence of your content
and you did it mostly just by yourself!?! WOW! [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 8/8/2012:

Thanks, Catmat for the kind words!!!

Comment #34: by Kerry on 7/30/2012:

I would like to suggest a category, and that is 'language' to aid with ALT- accents and characters. So I found out how to SET another lang'-keyboard and toggle to it on the chromebook. But I am unable to use Spanish keyboard for accents. If someone expert in it could comment ? [Reply]

Comment #33: by Benn on 7/27/2012:

Excellent idea! I welcome the effort! The kind of website I wish I'd found earlier. Awesome awesome idea, I'm impressed! This URL is going around my friends, family, colleagues etc... right now!! :) [Reply]

Comment #32: by nehemiahgirl on 7/10/2012:

This website is amazing. Congratulations on pulling this together. It is very helpful. [Reply]

Comment #31: by shradddha on 7/9/2012:

thank u so much... [Reply]

Comment #30: by MartinVoorsmit on 7/5/2012:

Hu Bernd,
thanks for this website with shortkeys. I really like the way you print the keys inside 'round boxes'. How do you do that? Is that a feature of the website builder you use or..?
Martin V. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/6/2012:

Hi Martin, Thanks! This is all plain HTML/CSS3. Each Key is in a span and pulls the rounded corners from its CSS definitions.

Comment #28: by muthu on 6/2/2012:

Thank u so much [Reply]

Reply by SIDDHARTH on 6/24/2012:


Comment #26: by jesper kick on 4/4/2012:

This homepage is so great, thanks a lot [Reply]

Comment #25: by Mey on 4/1/2012:

Thanks a lot. But how to create a new Shortcut please? [Reply]

Comment #24: by Greg on 3/15/2012:

This is awesome...printed the pdf for my wall...I need to learn them all...I love shortcuts!
Thank you creating this site...Good Job! [Reply]

Comment #23: by ripudaman on 3/1/2012:

Brillent work with Simplicity [Reply]

Comment #22: by JJC on 1/17/2012:

A piece of brilliance! This is an absolutely wonderful site and project. It saves hours of frustration and energy - either working with the mouse or looking for the elusive keyboard shortcut on the so-called "help" facilities. Superb! [Reply]

Comment #21: by bernd on 1/8/2012:

Hi Hakapes, Thanks so much for your feedback!! I will make changes probably around next weekend. Sorry you lost your work. Can you send me an email what exactly happened, so that I can fix?

Love the idea of sending new users email with instructions. Actually, the easiest is to edit in Excel or any other spreadsheet and simply copy&paste into the editor.

Any time you save, it is directly published. I am working on a 'draft', that you can save it locally first.

If you want to keep a copy, you can click on 'xml' and copy the raw text out.

Let me know how it goes. [Reply]

Comment #20: by hakapes on 1/7/2012:

Hi, fantastic site and project.
I use a lot shortcuts, and added some already.
The idea to make it a wiki, and share this info, and invite for feedback is excellent.
Instead of writing a very long list of positives, I just give some suggestions, that popped up during the short time I used the site.

Some suggestions:
* PDF print: same nice round rectangle around the keys (similar to web page) would be much easier to read.
* Categorizing: some shortcuts are useful, some are exotic. I suggest to add a "Most used" category on the top, with only a few shortcuts.
* User profile: which data can be seen outside? I want my e-mail address hidden. Is it possible to change my user name?
* Favourites: the yellow/gray icon could function the opposite way (like in Firefox - if yellow=added to favourites, gray=not added to favourites)
* I would like an option to highlight interesting shortcuts with a yellow background. See here:
* Design: this light grean is difficult for my eyes. Can you experiment with some easier to read and more modern graphical design? See the MPC homepage, it's simple, modern, and nice.

Keep up the good work!
Oliver [Reply]

Reply by hakapes on 1/8/2012:

How often do I have to save? I redid the lost things, and save after some data entry.

Reply by hakapes on 1/7/2012:

I worked for more than an hour to add shortcut, all my work is lost. I'm very disappointed. I'm not sure I want to type it in again.

Reply by hakapes on 1/7/2012:

Until a page is not saved, I cannot move a shortcut row. When it's saved, then it works.
The green line showing the new position should be stronger (easier to see).

Reply by hakapes on 1/7/2012:

* New users: please direct new users to this post. Took a while for me to find it.

Comment #15: by manoj on 12/21/2011:

Shortcuts are well classified and well formatted.
More shortcuts are given that i never seen before.
Thanks [Reply]

Comment #14: by Tom on 12/17/2011:

good stuff!! [Reply]

Comment #13: by rsking84 on 12/6/2011:

Another issue, when adding a request to the "Request Page" area, the comments field doesn't seem to work. I tried several times to add a request for moving Gmail from windows to webapps (placing the details of the request in the comment field), but when I submitted the request the comments area was blank. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/19/2011:

Hey Ryan; uploaded new version yesterday. let me know if that works.

Reply by bernd on 12/7/2011:

Thanks, Ryan. Will fix it this weekend.

Comment #10: by molave on 12/2/2011:

I think this is a great idea, and I'd be happy to contribute during my (not so frequent) free time.

One small concern: I'm having a bit of difficulty re-ordering shortcuts. Some items I can easily grab and drag, others just refuse to move.

Thanks and cheers. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/3/2011:

I hear you on the 'free time'. I have been buried in my day-time job for months now. Two remedies for re-arranging: Option 1: When I upload, I compile the shortcuts in Excel first and simply copy&paste the two columns directly in the Editor,category by category. Option 2: You can use the 'XML' button on the top right corner. That switches the editing mode to text-based editing. Here you can move it very easy or even edit it in your own editor and copy back into. Let me know what you think. I am aware that the drag&drop is a little shaky. I am using a JQuery plugin for that and gotta see if there is an update somewhere.

Comment #8: by rsking84 on 11/16/2011:

The site is looking great, bernd! 2 comments:
1. Gmail is still listed under windows. It should really be moved to Webapps
2. When a user goes to edit a page there is no "cancel" button. This might be handy to add.

Keep up the great work! [Reply]

Comment #7: by jesbuny on 11/9/2011:

Shortcuts shortcuts shortcuts - LOVE 'EM. Great site, easy to nav, and well-formatted. Thanks for the 2010 Excel SCs. Look forward to more. [Reply]

Comment #6: by nazar on 10/31/2011:

Great work ....................Best of luck

More expecting [Reply]

Comment #5: by vignesh403 on 9/26/2011:

am very happy to add this site and am have very usefull this website [Reply]

Comment #4: by Malcolm on 9/15/2011:

Thanks so much for this useful site [Reply]

Comment #3: by fedl on 7/13/2011:

wow, just stumbled upon this site from a Google search. I must say I was impressed by it's simplicity and efficiency. I found more shortcuts than I will ever need. Also, your printing and .pdf files are prettily formated. Thanks, and keep up the good work. [Reply]

Reply by CESAR BENITEZ on 6/2/2013:

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Reply by nilesh89 on 7/4/2012:


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