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I am administrator, owner and manager of the ShortcutWorld.com project. The site is maintained as a hobby apart from my day-time job and I work on it mostly in evenings or on weekends.

The original website launched in 2006 to categorize a couple of Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts. After launching, I pretty much forgot about it until I checked the visitor stats a few years later. I figured that some of the pages got hundreds of new and repeat visitors and that the site is being used as a Shortcut Reference by many. I decided in 2009 to make something more meaningful out of it and rebuilt it conceptually from scratch. It took me until late 2010 to rework the concept, data model, and backend processing to put it on track for the right direction.

The simple goal is to have a wiki-style reference of Keyboard Shortcuts which is available for all applications on all platforms in different languages. The extend of the project and quality of the content only depends on how many people are willing to contribute by editing and adding content to the database.

Thanks for visiting!


Comment #49: by Bill on 3/22/2018:

With so many doing shortcuts yours I enjoy. It's clean and uncluttered. I am always updating my own Excel & OneNote shortcut resources and force myself to stop if I can't remember one in use. I use a utility to share multiple computers screens over my LAN and just figured out how to add shortcuts to switch screen focus without the mouse. I'm thinking about contributing but time is an issue of course. I don't see it on your site so I'll try join up and contribute. Now that I know about you I hope you stick around! Keep up the good work! LOL and I finally added Google Translate to read your site comments. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 3/22/2018:

Hi Bill; thank you! Without feedback like this, i would have not continued to pick up the work in the past and your note is another slight push of motivation for me to keep expanding :-) Yes reach out any time and again your feedback is much appreciated.

Comment #47: by Bochy6 on 7/6/2017:

Love this site! Thank you, Bernd for creating it. One thing bugs me, how can i add more shortcuts to my list of favorites? [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 7/7/2017:

Hi Bochy, For now, you have to create a new public page, then add it. thanks! Bernd

Comment #45: by CharlestonMichael on 12/23/2016:

VERY USEFUL INFORMATION... THANK YOU for your sharing of some helpful tools [Reply]

Reply by Masum ALi on 6/1/2017:

If you have to New Folder Create in shortcut Run Key

Comment #43: by J.S.M.Whitaker@jsmw.org.uk on 10/19/2016:

What a tremendous resource. Well done and thank you for creating this (and to all those who have added material). [Reply]

Comment #42: by RAJARAO JAJAM on 9/2/2016:


Comment #41: by Siba on 8/3/2016:

I am really very happy with this site, it is very helpful to improve shortcut key skill in excel. Request you to please add features for download PDF. So we will save this our desktop where i can work. [Reply]

Reply by ankit29yaduvanshi@gmail.com on 8/23/2016:

i miss you

Comment #39: by Govindane on 2/4/2016:

(text at Unicode Tamil) வணக்கம் நண்பா உங்கள் இணையதளம் எனக்கு பயன் உள்ளதாக இருக்கிறது. வாழ்த்துக்கள் நன்றி கோவிந்தன் இந்தியா [Reply]

Reply by Mukilan on 12/20/2017:

tamil mozhili peaiyathu arumai

Comment #37: by Kulwantkamboj on 12/10/2015:

Amazing, Wonderfull site [Reply]

Comment #36: by Honey kapoor on 11/27/2015:

First of all, thank yopu for your website, I have a request for upou, is it possible to add a letter page format for PDF printouts? I downloaded the acrobat reader shortcuts in pdf format, it was in european size A4 format, Letter format would be appreciated. [Reply]

Comment #35: by onlineworking1 on 7/23/2015:

Dear Admin, I wish to upgrade our account but account upgrade form country field not show my country name "Pakistan" Kindly take necessary action. Best regards, Farzand Ali [Reply]

Comment #34: by Mintu Das on 6/22/2015:

I have found shortcut key on Windows7 Shown as below:- Alt + Numbers 65=A 66=B 67=C 68=D 69=E 70=F 71=G 72=H 73=I 74=J 75=K 76=L 77=M 78=N 79=O 80=P 81=Q 82=R 83=S 84=T 85=U 86=V 87=W 88=X 89=Y 90=Z [Reply]

Reply by ashok kumar on 6/15/2016:

its very very usefully

Reply by Mintu Das on 6/22/2015:

Above Shortcut key Apply in open office writer (MS Word), MS-Excel, Notepad...etc

Reply by Mintu Das on 6/22/2015:

I am From District :- Nagaon, State:- Assam, Mobile No:- +919954735302 Working as a Computer Operator at Deputy Commissioner Office, Nagaon. I hope above shortcut key , who are learner gain of Knowledge.

Comment #30: by Djamel on 3/5/2015:

Hi, First of all, thank yopu for your website, I have a request for upou, is it possible to add a letter page format for PDF printouts? I downloaded the acrobat reader shortcuts in pdf format, it was in european size A4 format, Letter format would be appreciated. Regards. [Reply]

Comment #29: by Sh752 on 3/4/2015:

thanks benarn,am a beginner,please send me the basics of microsoft [Reply]

Comment #28: by Parvez on 12/31/2014:

hi Bernd how are you? Its an amaging way to co-operate professional people to learn shortcuts from your site, thank you very much for being creating the site for us......... [Reply]

Comment #27: by Tauseef on 12/16/2014:

Dear tell me how to enclose text in box like you did in the shortcut keys...thx in in advance... [Reply]

Comment #26: by imbapirahaman on 11/29/2014:

This is a very important website for me and others. I'm really thank you sir !!! my name is Bapi Rahaman. I'm a uiu !!! +91 9932566980 (India). This is my contact number sir !! thank you sir !!! [Reply]

Comment #25: by Young on 11/16/2014:

This site is very very useful and thank you so much for having this site. [Reply]

Comment #24: by pradeep rathore on 10/20/2014:

thank u so much ,,,,,,,,..................//////////....................... [Reply]

Comment #23: by Sem Chorasiya on 9/28/2014:

I have very helpful for me this site.....
Thank You..... [Reply]

Comment #22: by balamp on 9/23/2014:

it is amazing to use shortcut keys middle of my colics.. [Reply]

Comment #21: by JAYASRI987 on 9/17/2014:

this site is very useful [Reply]

Comment #20: by Amit kumar on 8/9/2014:

Thanks Very Helpful for computing [Reply]

Comment #19: by peacebringer on 7/11/2014:

Thank you very much for this great and helpful site Bernd... Greetings from Turkey. [Reply]

Comment #18: by sumanraj on 5/24/2014:

Thanks a lot admin for providing usful shortcut..thanks [Reply]

Comment #17: by Niraj on 4/17/2014:

its really very effective for all students [Reply]

Comment #16: by Dev on 4/15/2014:

Hey, very useful website. Thanks a lot, dear. [Reply]

Comment #15: by mukeshpotnuri95 on 3/15/2014:

this is of real great help to make a difference to the way one usually works.thank u every one who contributed [Reply]

Comment #14: by kibirango on 3/12/2014:

the world was always waiting for some one like u dear, thanks for your efforts [Reply]

Comment #13: by sendhil on 3/2/2014:

Great work dude, hope you are the best site for shortcut master collection.. i wish you for all the success for upcoming such stuff. [Reply]

Comment #12: by robjeff76 on 1/14/2014:

This site is wonderful. You can access quickly the reference you are seeking. It allows you to one click to convert to pdf, or print. You don't need to create an account to look up shortcuts, and no hoops to jump through messing with advertising. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is seeking shortcuts to any OS or application/software. [Reply]

Comment #11: by r1ckr011 on 9/4/2013:

I'm gonna blow you up buddy boy ;)

On Quora that is! Great work. Super simple and to the point!

One problem though: You didn't put the Firefox shortcuts in the web apps platform page. Whoops ;) Kinda a big oversight.

If you have any possible tutorial that you are aware of on how to create your own specialty shortcuts, please let me know :D

Have fun! [Reply]

Comment #10: by bernd on 5/18/2013:

Thanks for taking time giving feedback and thanks for the flowers :-) Comments like yours keep me motivated. [Reply]

Comment #9: by Lizzybluts on 5/16/2013:

I have downloaded tons of shortcuts from the internet. Yours is by far, the most efficient, easy to read shortcut lists of all time. I'm putting all other shortcuts in the trash and relying totally on your information. Thanks for taking the time to create. I'm sure it is a major undertaking. Much appreciated! [Reply]

Reply by r1ckr011 on 9/4/2013:

Don't throw them away! Make a master list, full of every possible shortcut--he may yet not have all of them!

Oh, and as mobile platforms develop and newer projects like Raspberry Pi, custom ARM Architectures, custom ROMs, hell... even Video Game Console shortcuts :P --all these things will need to be included eventually :)

That's not even talking about possible custom shortcuts development for individual people on their boxes. Which may or may not someday be packaged as something you might download, say on CNET!

Excellent potential. I hope to all that is holy that you will get the resources you need to finish this project :D

Comment #7: by sumit kumar prajapati on 1/6/2013:

Good Work.... [Reply]

Comment #6: by max on 1/2/2013:

is there any way I can use shortcuts from the startup bios menu without my enter key. I am stuck on a resume window and cant get out of it. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 1/2/2013:

Not sure what problem is, but if that is the Windows Resume you are stuck, it probably is an issue with the Windows Keyboard / Mouse Driver which can't be loaded and keyboard does not work at all. If that is an older PC, try a PS/2 keyboard. Or I think you can press F8 upon loading and try to get to windows restore.

Comment #4: by catmat on 8/8/2012:

I am going to tell everyone I know about this website!
What a great concept AND design!
Any windows user that doesn't know win + d (and thats a lot of them) are truly missing out!!
Now that I know this excellent web site is available, I'm going to become a "shortcutworld.com ambassador".
Who knows, I might even contribute!! [Reply]

Comment #3: by LoriM on 10/13/2011:

What a great idea. I HATE THE MOUSE. Love shortcuts. Will you be posting tips for creating our own shortcuts? E.g. I came here to see if there was a way to zoom in and out in Word 2010, using keyboard shortucts (apparently not). I bet I can figure out a way but it would be great to be able to just cut and paste some macro code.... [Reply]

Comment #2: by vikalp_abrol on 3/29/2011:

Great Site, Wish you good luck for your future... I love these shortcuts.... Everybody should try to work smartly , instead of working hard on same task [Reply]

Reply by lshmeal on 1/12/2014:

lshmeal from Ghana nd l love working with the shortcut keys..

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