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Comment #13: by ArchiCGI on 1/9/2019:

Hello! [Reply]

Comment #12: by Baja on 7/23/2015:

Ctrl+Shift+L The same as Sort & Filter > Filter Adds filter to the top/selected row. [Reply]

Comment #11: by Navdeep_singh on 2/25/2015:

how to use hlookup [Reply]

Reply by onlineworking1 on 7/24/2015:

hlookup is use for Looks a value in the top row of a table or array of values and returns the value in the same column from a row you specify

Comment #9: by Jennifer on 2/11/2015:

May,I know How to expand the column from keyboard keys [Reply]

Comment #8: by prahalad on 2/10/2015:

In excel all data how to change from uppercase to lowercase? [Reply]

Reply by RobWright on 2/13/2015:

Try this: =LOWERCASE(B2) The B2 is the cell reference that you wish to convert to lowercase. As far as I know, there's no way to do this "in place", so you'll need to perform this action, then copy the resulting VALUES back to the original location. Rob

Comment #6: by bramma kumar on 12/22/2014:

i struggle in (cntrl + f) while click find all ,i missed my documents partialy how can i avooid that? thanks [Reply]

Comment #5: by HGoss on 7/4/2013:

Hi Bernd, great work! Lots of shortcuts and well presented.
Here's another good one: Alt+Semi-colon (;). This selects only the visible cells within a selected range. I only found this one recently myself. Before I had to use the mouse to select an icon for that task. [Reply]

Reply by K RAMAKRISHNA on 7/22/2013:

hai sir,

Comment #3: by David on 10/10/2012:

Bernd, One Shortcut key that I use all the time in Excel,but never see mentioned if the "F4" function key to "repeat last action." This allows a user to repeat the cellreformatting, delete a line or column, shift cells, whatever was the last single action and is a super time saver. Try it, refomrat a cell, select a different cell then press "F4." [Reply]

Reply by saqibkhan on 7/8/2013:

goooooood and excellent website full short cut keys

Reply by bernd on 10/12/2012:

that's a good one; did not know this. added to site (and list of my personal excel magic). thanks!

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