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How to make display smaller

If I use the key Ctrl- usually my display on my screen goes smaller then to make it bigger I press Ctrl= but sometimes I can't make it work, would you why and is there any other key I can use?

Comment #5: by raysosher on 9/7/2020:

You can use your touch pad to zoom and zoom out easily why are you trying to find a shortcut for that? If you are in pc then do it with the help of your mouse. Just click control and use the wheel to zoom in and zoom out. [Reply]

Comment #4: by karim on 10/22/2012:

salam [Reply]

Reply by امیر حسین on 9/17/2020:

slm khbi?

Reply by dAVE on 4/15/2013:

Try doing crtl + Scroll Down (on mouse) , and CTrl+Scroll Up (on mouse)

Reply by Ash on 3/25/2013:

try Ctrl+ , this works to make screen bigger

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