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Comment #5: by Tanvi on 3/2/2015:

Is there any shortcut to move around the photo once zoomed? [Reply]

Comment #4: by guest on 12/12/2014:

I couldn't get the zoom shortcuts to work as posted here, but I found that CTRL + (CTRL-PLUS) and CTRL - (CTRL-MINUS) worked instead. Also CTRL-0 (CTRL-ZERO) jumps back to the default size, just like most web browsers [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/14/2014:

fixed. thanks!

Comment #2: by Scruffmeister on 9/28/2014:

Is there a way to customize the default shortcuts in Windows photo viewer?
Windows 7 x64 [Reply]

Reply by pozest5159 on 11/8/2017:

ayo any luck finding an answer to this at all? I'm tryna change the 'default' keybindings for the keyboard-shortcuts but seem to be getting no where >.

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