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Comment #25: by Mike on 9/23/2020:

Thanks for this, as a sysadmin for linux/IBMi I have avoided windows sysadmin stuff for years. This helps with the basics I need to do my job, thanks! [Reply]

Comment #24: by sudakar on 9/12/2017:

today i got the full meaning for IP i think its related to human also i am very thankfull to quora [Reply]

Comment #23: by Bhasker Raj on 2/21/2017:

Your site is excelleant and all the information is available at finger tips. I was lucky to come across your site, when I was searching for office 2010 keyboard short cuts. Compliments to your efforts to put all the useful information in your website. A. S. Bhasker Raj Bangalore India [Reply]

Comment #22: by ANURAG DWIVEDI on 2/22/2016:

thanks [Reply]

Comment #21: by Asim on 1/25/2016:

I don't think the 'clipbrd' works in post Win 7. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 1/26/2016:

thanks; i made a note. Yes, the Clipboard Viewer no longer exists.

Comment #19: by SHurley on 1/6/2016:

As a beginner, I wasn't sure what control panel meant. Is it a key somewhere? I was trying to use the control desktop shortcut but didn't know what buttons to push. [Reply]

Comment #18: by Bikash on 10/20/2015:

It is really helpful collection: thank you !! :* [Reply]

Comment #17: by shi lou toge on 9/21/2015:

It is a big help. Thanks. [Reply]

Comment #16: by yogaraj v on 8/1/2015:

those shortcuts are very important for a system administrator position thanks [Reply]

Comment #15: by SaddamHusain on 7/15/2015:

Vary vary Thank you [Reply]

Comment #14: by harikrishnan on 6/17/2015:

mspaint paint (if installed) [Reply]

Comment #13: by Ravi on 5/8/2015:

thanks very useful [Reply]

Comment #12: by Jeremiah on 4/23/2015:

There are two calculators [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 4/24/2015:

fixed; thanks!

Comment #10: by gvdnet on 3/24/2015:

more helpfull in my job works [Reply]

Comment #9: by Channa on 3/16/2015:

Very useful good to have various types of shortcuts in a one webpage Thanks [Reply]

Comment #8: by Ajinkya Dhuri on 9/25/2014:

very nice commands [Reply]

Reply by Jason on 8/1/2016:


Comment #6: by vineet tyagi on 9/15/2014:

very good [Reply]

Comment #5: by Muhammad Zahid on 9/3/2014:

Very Nice Work.... It's so good. [Reply]

Comment #4: by Ashok on 8/26/2014:

It really sped up my work.. [Reply]

Comment #3: by aruns on 7/15/2014:

so helpfull for my job and enhance my skills................ [Reply]

Comment #2: by B S kumar on 6/6/2014:

very very good thanks [Reply]

Comment #1: by shahid on 3/18/2014:

thanx [Reply]

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