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Comment #10: by santosh on 5/30/2020:

when we have to copy any text from scanned image in one note we have to right click and select the option copy text from picture. is there any sortcut for this or we can modify to add any short key for time saving [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 5/30/2020:

1. [ctrl]+[v] to paste the picture 2. [arrow up] to select picture 3. [shift]+[f10] to simulate right mouse button 4. [e] for copy t[e]xt to paragraph,

Comment #8: by Mike G on 9/18/2017:

Actually, to select all text on a OneNote page, you must do Ctrl-A twice! The cursor can be placed anywhere on the page, but if you do it only once, it just selects the line it's on. [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 9/18/2017:

Updated page to list ctrl+[a] 1x = select line, 2x select section, 3x = select page. Thank you for pointing that out!

Comment #6: by David on 5/29/2016:

The OneNote shortcut key for expanding/collapsing outlines is incorrect. See Outline keys section on this page Currently it says: Alt+Shift+[/] Expand collapsed outline The actual shortcut is Alt+Shift+"+" or Alt+Shift+"-" to expand or collapse outline Thx! DG [Reply]

Comment #5: by Thomas on 9/5/2015:

Thank you for this excellent page. It is detailed and well organized. I finally know how to delete a page with the keyboard [Reply]

Comment #4: by Jith on 9/11/2014:

is there any shortcut to drag the pointer to select a clipping? [Reply]

Comment #3: by garrettahughes on 6/11/2014:

Your reply field mangled the format of my previous post! The info is unreadable or missing. [Reply]

Comment #2: by garrettahughes on 6/11/2014:

You can split and join tables along rows (at least in OneNote 2010) with the following keyboard sequenceTO SPLIT A TABLE ALONG A ROW1. Insert an empty row below the last row you want to retain in the upper table +2. With the cursor in the first column of the new blank row type or TO JOIN TWO TABLES WITH THE SAME NUMBER OF COLUMNS1. Copy the table to be joined: +2. Position the cursor just below the first column of the other table: use the 3. Insert and Join the two tables: +Step 3 above can also be accomplished by simply deleting blank lines between the aligned tables residing in the same group 2. Copy the lower [Reply]

Comment #1: by Lynn on 4/25/2014:

We use Macro Express (ME) and have dozens of macros that we use to make our work more uniform, reduce typos, and save keystrokes. In ME, one can designate whether a macro will work globally, only in selected programs, or exclude programs one does not want the macro to run. We have just recently started using OneNote 2010 and several of the shortcut sequences duplicate macros we already have. Is there a way to have OneNote shortcuts run ONLY in OneNote? Thank you. [Reply]

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