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Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition Comments

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Comment #5: by PJP on 12/23/2016:

Shift-del (at least 18.1) permanent delete. thx, very useful! [Reply]

Comment #4: by nick fox on 12/11/2015:

Hi Im using mint 17.3 and the nemo preview is shift+space rather than just space thanks [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 12/12/2015:

fixed; thanks.

Comment #2: by David M on 10/24/2015:

To clarify since previous message removed special character, that was Alt CTRL Shift + R. I am looking to take screen multiple screen shots ( one for each time the hotkey is hit ). [Reply]

Comment #1: by David M on 10/24/2015:

Thanks for such a wonderful collection of Linux Mint Shortcuts, in particular the +R. which saves automatically to filename with date / time. Question: Is there an equivalent to take screen shot ? I would really like to hit a hotkey and have a timestamped filename same a screen shot without any window popping up. David M [Reply]

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