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Comment #3: by Thaddeus the pirate on 9/24/2020:

u do /corgis Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A /corgis /ponies /ponystream /shydino /bikeshed /pitchforks /tableflip /facepalm /shruggie /dealwithit /success /happy /shame /puppyparty /lit /flowerbeam /wizard /corgisparty /roll /roll3d6 /roll5(5)d20(20sided dice) Ctrl + B Ctrl + I Ctrl + U /8ball /me Ctrl + . Ctrl + , Esc Shift + Esc H + M H + I H + Q H + A H + P H + C /algebraic /this /that [Reply]

Reply by Thaddeus the pirate on 10/7/2020:

thank you i bet you dumb

Reply by bobby on 10/7/2020:

hey u very smart boi

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