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Comment #3: by nugged on 7/5/2020:

There also folder navigation local shortcut "backspace" goes UP to parent from the current folder in file navigator on Mac OS. ... I assume on Windows too. But the question is – how to ENTER into a subfolder with the keyboard (not by double click by mouse) on macOS – Enter not works, nor other usual finder keys like CMD+Up/Down, and no combinations from ctrl/alt/cmd/etc+Enter and so on... eh! :( :)))... [Reply]

Comment #2: by MattFlynn on 8/1/2014:

"ctrl+o" shortcut used for both "Add stream to playlist" and "Save playlist". Probably, it should be changed to "ctrl+s" for "Save playlist". [Reply]

Reply by bernd on 8/3/2014:

noted and fixed. thanks!

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