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Adding shortcuts for Lightning plugin

I'd like to add shortcuts for the Lightning plug-in of Thunderbird. It's a popular plug-in, and the shortcuts are difficult to come by. Does it make sense to create a separate page for this or to add it in as a section of the Thunderbird page?

Comment #2: by raysosher on 9/7/2020:

Which kind of shortcuts do you want to add. There are some limitations to that to be honest. Developers now a days do not make all the shortcuts even in this tech generations. I cannot able to do so many shortcuts that I want in other software. All the software should have customizable shortcuts creating option so that people can able to make what they like and what they want to use the shortcut for. Having being able to use a shortcut is amazing, it saves time and increases efficiency. [Reply]

Comment #1: by bernd on 2/28/2019:

i suggest to put it in the main section; thanks! [Reply]

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