38 Shortcuts for eMachineShop (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus38 Shortcuts for eMachineShop (Windows)
Ctrl+N Create New Design
Ctrl+O Open existing Design
Ctrl+S Save current Design
Ctrl+P Print current Design
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo the last undo
Ctrl+X Place selected line(s) to clipboard and clear the line(s) from screen
Ctrl+C Copy selected line(s) to the clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste the clipboard contents to the Design
Up Arrow Nudge selected line(s) Up
Down Arrow Nudge selected line(s) Down
Left Arrow Nudge selected line(s) Left
Right Arrow Nudge selected line(s) Right
R Nudge rotate selected line(s) Right
L Nudge rotate selected line(s) Left
F2 Set preferences options
Ctrl+R Show 3D preview of current Design
= Zoom to fir screen
1 Zoom to actual size
Zoom out
+ Zoom in
Ctrl+G Combine selected lines into one Group
Ctrl+U Separate a group into its components lines
Ctrl+I Divide selected lines into segments at the points where they cross
C Corner
Ctrl+F6 Contour
Ctrl+D Repeat – duplicate selected line(s) in workspace
Ctrl+T Transform – change position, size, shape of the line(s)
F5 Specify machine used to manufacture line
Shift+Tab Select prior line in workspace
Tab Select next line in workspace
Shift+Click Connect
Ctrl+M Choose Material for current Design
Ctrl+J Specify manufacturing , packing, shipment options for current Design
F9 Analyze and compute cost of current Design
F1 Show help contents
V Choose Next side View of Design
Shift+V Choose Prior side View of Design

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