51 Shortcuts for VideoStudio X9.5 (win/en)  [edit]

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minusplus1. File Tab Operations
Ctrl+N New Project
Ctrl+M Mew HTML5 Project
Ctrl+O Open existing project
Ctrl+S Save Project
Alt+F4 Close

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minusplus2. Edit Tab Operations
Ctrl+C Copy clip
Ctrl+X Cut clip
Ctrl+V Paste clip
Ctrl+Z Undo changes
Ctrl+Y Redo`changes
Ctrl+A Select all clips
+/- Zoom in/Zoom out

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minusplus3. Setting Tab Operations
F6 Preferences
Alt+Enter Project Properties
F1 Help

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minusplus4. Runtime Shortcuts
Ctrl+P Play/Pause Clip
Spacebar Play/Pause Clip
Shift Continous Trimmed Play Clip
Shift+Play Click Play selected Clip
Ctrl+R Repeat Play
Ctrl+L Volume
Ctrl+I Split videos
Shift+Click Select multi clips
Left Arrow Select Previous Clip
Right Arrow Select Next Clip
Ctrl+Right Arrow Scroll Forward
Ctrl+Left Arrow Backword
Ctrl+Up Arrow Up
Ctrl+Down Arrow Down
F6 Go Forward in clip
F5 Go backward in clip
Esc Cancel
Del Delete
F3 Mark in
F4 Mark out

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minusplus5. Navigation/Direction Shortcuts
Home Go to starting segment
End Go to ending segment
Up Arrow Go to previous step
Down Arrow Go to next step
Alt+E Edit
Alt+C Capture
Alt+S Share
Alt+F Effect(Gallery)
Alt+O Media(Gallery)
Alt+T Title(Gallery)
B Previous frame
F Next frame
Ctrl+H Home
Ctrl+E End
Tab Select Scrubber/Trim handle

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