35 Shortcuts for Desk.com (MacOS)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. System-Wide
  2. Filter View
  3. Case View
minusplus1. System-Wide
? Show keyboard shortcuts
Arrow Left/Arrow Right Previous/Next tab
G then 1...0 Switch to tab 1-10
Command+J Previous page
Command+K Next page
/ Quick search
Command+Option+Shift+R Toggle Routing
Esc Close dialog

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minusplus2. Filter View
J Previous case
K Next case
Enter/O Open case
Space/X Select for bulk
Command+Enter Open selected cases
Control+Shift+A Select all
Control+Shift+N Deselect all
Command+Shift+M Toggle expand

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minusplus3. Case View
Command+Enter Update and send
Command+Shift+Enter Update, send and resolve
Control+Option+C Toggle Close tab button
Option+Shift+W Close tab without saving
Command+Shift+F Go to From field
R Go to Reply field
N Go to Note field
L Go to Label field
M Go to Macro box
Command+Shift+K Open Knowledge Base
F Forward case
G then h Go to customer Home
G then c Go to Company
P then 1...0 Set Priority 1 thru 10
S then O Set Status to Open
S then P Set Status to Pending
S then R Set Status to Resolved
Command+Shift+C Add CC
Command+Shift+B Add BCC

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Sources: Desk.com in-App Help

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