68 Shortcuts for AutoCAD 2016 (Windows)  [edit]

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  1. General

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minusplus1. General
ALT+F11 Displays the Visual Basic Editor (AutoCAD only)
ALT+F8 Displays the Macros dialog box (AutoCAD only)
Ctrl+F2 Displays the Text window
Ctrl+0 Toggles Clean Screen
Ctrl+1 Toggles Properties palette
Ctrl+2 Toggles DesignCenter
Ctrl+3 Toggles the Tool Palettes window
Ctrl+4 Toggles Sheet Set Manager
Ctrl+6 Toggles dbConnect Manager (AutoCAD only)
Ctrl+7 Toggles Markup Set Manager
Ctrl+8 Toggles the QuickCalc palette
Ctrl+9 Toggles the Command Line window
Ctrl+A Selects all the objects in drawing that are not locked or frozen
Ctrl+Shift+A Toggles Groups
Ctrl+B Toggles Snap
Ctrl+C Copies objects to the Windows Clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+C Copies objects to the Windows Clipboard with Base Point
Ctrl+D Toggles Dynamic UCS (AutoCAD only)
Ctrl+E Cycles through isometric planes
Ctrl+F Toggles running object snaps
Ctrl+G Toggles Grid
Ctrl+H Toggles PICKSTYLE
Ctrl+HOME Moves focus to the Start tab
Ctrl+Shift+H Toggles the display of palettes with HIDEPALETTES and SHOWPALETTES
Ctrl+I Toggles the Coordinates display (AutoCAD only)
Ctrl+Shift+I Toggles Infer Constraints (AutoCAD only)
Ctrl+J Repeats last command
Ctrl+K Inserts a hyperlink
Ctrl+L Toggles Ortho mode
Ctrl+Shift+L Selects the previously selected objects
Ctrl+M Repeats last command
Ctrl+N Creates a new drawing
Ctrl+O Opens an existing drawing
Ctrl+P Plots the current drawing
Ctrl+Shift+P Toggles the Quick Properties interface
Ctrl+Q Quits the application
Ctrl+R Cycles through the viewports on the current layout
Ctrl+S Saves current drawing
Ctrl+Shift+S Displays up the Save As dialog box
Ctrl+T Toggles Tablet mode
Ctrl+V Pastes data from the Windows Clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+V Pastes data from the Windows Clipboard as a Block
Ctrl+W Toggles selection cycling
Ctrl+X Cuts objects from the current drawing to the Windows Clipboard
Ctrl+Y Cancels the preceding Undo action
Ctrl+Z Reverses the last action
Ctrl+[ Cancels current command
Ctrl+\ Cancels current command
Ctrl+PAGE UP Moves to the previous layout
Ctrl+PAGE DOWN Moves to the next layout tab
Ctrl+TAB Moves to the next file tab
F1 Displays Help
F2 Expands the Command Line history when the Command Line window is floating, or displays the Text window when the Command Line window is docked
F3 Toggles OSNAP
F4 Toggles 3DOSNAP (AutoCAD only) or Toggles TABMODE (AutoCAD LT only)
F6 Toggles UCSDETECT (AutoCAD only)
F10 Toggles Polar Tracking
F11 Toggles Object Snap Tracking
F12 Toggles Dynamic Input
Shift+F1 Subobject selection is not filtered (AutoCAD only)
Shift+F2 Subobject selection is limited to vertices (AutoCAD only)
Shift+F3 Subobject selection is limited to edges (AutoCAD only)
Shift+F4 Subobject selection is limited to faces (AutoCAD only)
Shift+F5 Subobject selection is limited to the solid history of an object (AutoCAD only)

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