Excel Shortcuts Managing Workbooks, Worksheets, and Tabs

Jump to: Open and Save Workbooks, Print Workbooks, Manage Worksheet Tabs, Freeze, Split, and Hide Windows

1. Open and Save Workbooks


Open Workbook via 'new' open box to access additional locations


Open file via classic open dialog window

Alt+F, O

File Open via Excel file manager

Alt+F, O + 1...9

Open recent file (1 thru 9)

Alt+F, O, Y1...Z

Open recent file (10 upwards)

Alt+F, O, K

File Open from OneDrive Link


Save File with current file name


Save file as via standard save dialog box

Alt+F, A

File Save as via Excel file manager

Alt+F, A, K

File Save to OneDrive Link


Exit open/ save menu

2. Print Workbooks


Print. This won't offer offer Key Tips/ Options. To continue with shortcuts, use the new Key Options below.

Alt+F, P

Open File Print menu

I in Print Menu

Select printer

Alt+P if Key Tips disappear

Return Print key tips/ options

V in Print Menu

Focus on View pane; use arrow keys to forward/ backward preview pages

G in Print Menu

Page setup

N in Print Menu

Set Number of copies

3. Manage Worksheet Tabs

Ctrl+Page Down/Page Up

Move to the next/ previous worksheet in current workbook

Alt+H, IS

Insert worksheet (Home - Insert Sheet)

Alt+H, DS

Delete worksheet Home - Delete Sheet

Alt+H, OR

Rename worksheet (Home - Format - Rename worksheet)

Alt+H, OM

Move worksheet (Home - Format - Move worksheet)

Alt+H, OT

Worksheet tab color, continue with mouse or arrow keys (Home - Format - Tab color)

4. Freeze, Split, and Hide Windows


View - Freeze or unfreeze; unfreeze works for any Freeze Setting


View - Freeze first visible Row on screen


View - Freeze first Column on screen


Hide selected rows


Unhide hidden rows within the selection


Hide selected columns

Shift+F10, then U

Unhide selected columns (Ctrl+Shift+0 not working in Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016)

Alt+W S

Split or unsplit Worksheet at current position

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