22 Shortcuts for Whatsapp Desktop


Change focus

Shift + Tab

Focus emoji button

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + N

Starts a New chat

Ctrl + Shift + N

Starts a new Group

Ctrl + Shift + [

Go to previous chat

Ctrl + Shift + ]

Go to next chat

Ctrl + E

ArchivE chat

Ctrl + Shift + M

Mute chat

Ctrl + Shift + U

Change Read status

Ctrl + Del

Delete chat

Ctrl + P

Open Profile

Ctrl + Backspace

Delete a chat

Ctrl + =

Increase font size

Ctrl + -

Decrease font size

Ctrl + 0

Default font size


Exit the application


Use * to bold the Text


Use _ to italicize the Text


Use ~ to strikethrough the Text


Use ``` to format Text into monospaced font


Show emojis related to Text

Created by AucaCoyan on 6/4/2020. Last updated by Zolo on 8/18/2020


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Whatsapp Desktop Shortcuts

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