Excel Cell Borders Shortcuts

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1. Basic Cell Borders


Apply border on all sides of cell


Remove all borders from selection

2. Cell Borders via Border Menu

Always open Border Menu first. Press Ctrl+1, then Ctrl+Tab to reach the Border Menu if it is not already active. Once Border Menu is selected, pressing Ctrl+1 later will keep focus on border menu.

Ctrl+1, then Ctrl+Tab

Open Border Menu

Alt+HB, them M

Open Border Menu


Toggle Top border (in border menu)


Toggle Bottom border (in border menu)


Toggle Right border (in border menu)


Toggle Left border (in border menu)


Toggle Outline order (in border menu)


Toggle Inside border (in border menu)


Toggle Horizontal interior border (in border menu)


Toggle Vertical interior border (in border menu)


Toggle Upwards diagonal border (in border menu)


Toggle Downwards diagonal border (in border menu)


Remove/ Neutralize all borders (in border menu)

3. Cell Borders via Ribbon Shortcuts

Ribbon Shortcuts for borders are difficult to memorize and counterintuitive. Suggest to use Shortcuts via Border Menu (see above). Ribbon shortcuts do not toggle back, plus its difficult to see immediate result. Letters chosen as shortcut in the ribbon menu make no sense (e.g. T for Thick outside border instead of Top border)

Alt+HB then O

Bottom border

Alt+HB then P

Top border

Alt+HB then L

Left border

Alt+HB then R

Right border

Alt+HB then N

No borders

Alt+HB then A

All borders

Alt+HB then A

Outside borders

Alt+HB then T

Thick outside borders

Alt+HB then B

Bottom double borders

Alt+HB then H

Thick bottom borders

Alt+HB then C

Top and thick bottom border

Alt+HB then U

Top and double bottom border

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