Excel Shortcuts for Auto Tables, Auto Filters and Pivot Tables

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1. Auto Tables


Create auto Table from selection


Select table column


Select table row

2. Auto Filter


Turn Autofilter on or off. Select table as necessary but many times Excel figures out what you want.

Alt+Arrow Down

On the field with column head, display the AutoFilter list for the current column. Press Escape to cancel

Arrow Down/Arrow Up and Sace

Select the next/ previous item in the AutoFilter list

Alt+Arrow Up

Close the AutoFilter list for the current column


Select the first item/ last item in the AutoFilter list

3. Pivot Tables

Creating Pivot Tables with Shortcuts only seems to be nearly impossible; managing existing tables is doable.


Insert PivotTable after selecting data range. Follow up with Alt+E for existing worksheet if desired, Tab, and type the cell reference where it should go (e.g. C1)


Refresh PivotTable


Hide selected item

Alt+Arrow Down in header

Unhide item(s) by opening header drop-down and using Arrow Keys and Space to unhide item

Type over any field with the value hidden

Unhide item(s) (assume you have two fields 'color', and 'size' and you hid 'color'. Go into 'size' field and type 'color' - this will unhide the 'color' field

Type over any field with another field in same table

Flip current field value with the value typed


Select the entire PivotTable report

Alt+Shift+Arrow Right

Group selected PivotTable items

Alt+Shift+Arrow Left

Ungroup selected PivotTable items when on group header


Expand all fields


Collapse all fields


Insert pivot formula/ calculated field


Create Pivot Chart in same Worksheet


Create Pivot Chart in new Worksheet

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