Windows 10 Power User Command Shortcuts

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1. Power User Commands Shortcuts


Open Power User Menu

Win+X, O

Power and Sleep Options

Win+X, Y


Win+X, W

Network Connections

Win+X, N


Win+X, E

File Explorer (Alternative: Win+E)

Win+X, T

Task Manager

Win+X, M

Device Manager

Win+X, K

Disk Management

Win+X, G

Computer Management

Win+X, I

Windows PowerShell

Win+X, A

Windows PowerShell in Admin Mode

Win+X, F

Windows Apps and Features

Win+X, B

Windows Mobility Center

Win+X, R

Run (Alternative: Win+R)

Win+X, V

Event Viewer

Win+X, S

Search (Alternative: Win+S)

Win+X, U

Shutdown Menu

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