Windows Shortcuts to Move and Resize Windows

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Minimize all open desktop windows via show Desktop. Press again to reverse.

Win+Arrow Left/ Arrow Right

Cycle through active Window sized 50% of screen-size left/ centered on screen / 50% of screen-size right.

Win+Arrow Up

On centered/ restored Window: Maximize window to 100% of screen.

Win+Arrow Down

"On maximized Window: Restore Window to center of screen.

Win+Shift+Arrow Left/ Arrow Right

With multiple monitors, move the active windows to the monitor on the left or right. Also use Arrow Up/ Arrow Down for multiple monitors stacked vertically.

Alt+Tab/ Alt+Shift+Tab

Classic Task Switcher - Switch between open Windows in forwards/ backwards. Release keys at desired window


Locked Task Switcher - Switch between open Windows in locked mode. Navigate to desired window with Arrow Keys


Extended Task Switcher - Includes virtual desktops and recent items


Create a new virtual desktop

Win+Ctrl+Arrow Left/ Arrow Right

Switch to the next virtual desktop to the left/ to the right


Close the active item or folder. Also will open "Shuts Down Windows" menu when on an empty desktop.

F10/Alt+letter, then arrow keys

Jump to Application Menu.


Open the title bar menu.

Alt+Space, then Enter

Restore Window

Alt+Space, then X

Maximize Window

Alt+Space, then N

Minimize Window


Toggle full page view for most application Windows

Alt+Space, then Arrow Keys or Mouse

Move windows that are off-screen to screen via legacy Window Control Menu and Move command. Often required after disconnecting external monitor.

Created by max on 1/12/2021


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